How to Remove Static from Bean Bag Filling? (Expert Methods)

How to Remove Static from Bean Bag Filling? (Expert Methods)

Static in the bean bag filling is a nightmare for the owners. It causes the spilled beans to slip away from our hands during the refilling process. Or the hair stick with the bean bags when people use them. But fret not, there are different ways to remove static from bean bag filling.

This guide will take you through these ways which will make things easy for you. Let’s dive in.

What is the Static of Bean Bag Fillings?

There can be multiple problems with bean bags as well as when using them and the issue of static in the filler material is one of the major ones.

When objects have opposite charges, static is created in them. This static energy can be found in various objects including bean bag fillings such as polystyrene beads. They contain static cling because they are fine insulators. They also have a charge in them.

This static electricity is due to an imbalance of electric charges on the surface or within the material. In polystyrene beads, this energy is created when a synthetic material having an opposite charge is rubbed against them. As they are most prone to creating static charges, they are easily attracted to one another.

Problems Due to Static in Bean Bag Fillers

When this energy is of a significant amount, these pesky polystyrene beads make it hard for you to pick them up from the floor. The problem mainly occurs during the filling or cleanup process of the bean bag.

They start to stick to your clothes and move on the floor. It also causes the hair of your body to get stick to the bean bag chair. Cleaning up the mess from the floor is already a hard task. It becomes more difficult if there is static in the filler material. 

So, once you learn how the static works, how it is transferred from one thing to another, and what sort of problems it can create for you, learning the methods to remove the static becomes easier.

Problem With Cleaning Bean Bag Beans

Cleaning up bean bag beans is definitely not one of those enjoyable activities that would love to do on the weekends. The fact that they are so little makes cleanup of anything like this difficult. This is a highly tedious chore to do, especially if you have to mix with any additional air current, such as that caused by an open window or by you unintentionally creating a draught.

Problem With Cleaning Bean Bag Beans

As soon as the static is eliminated, avoid using the standard forward and backward vacuuming action. Because of this, a current will be produced that will blow the beans. Make sure to dab at the troublesome beans from above when applying the anti-static chemical. Although it will take longer, you will be able to clean up more.

Methods to Remove Static from Bean Bag Fillings

Let’s move on and find out the best ways to get rid of static from the bean bag refill materials:

Method 1. Antistatic Spray

Using an anti-static spray is one of the simplest ways to eliminate static. This will significantly reduce static electricity, especially if it is coming from a difficult place such as a carpet. It is readily available at any local store. If you are unable to find any spray, you can use baby powder. It works like any other antistatic spray.

Additionally, you can create your own static spray at home using ingredients readily available. Mix one cup of water in a spray bottle with one cap of fabric softener and shake the mixture. Then lightly spray this solution with the carpet.

Just make sure to uniformly distribute the spray while keeping the pump 30 cm away from you. It is because the chemicals can cause allergic reactions in some people. Before gathering the bean bag fillings with a brush and dustpan, let the spray completely dry them.

The window should be closed, and you should spray extremely slowly and in broad strokes. Even the tiniest breeze can send the beans flying all over the place.

Method 2. Get Rid of the Ionic Charge from the Air

A variety of particles, molecules, and gases make up the atmosphere. These chemical things are capable of becoming ions. We refer to this process as ionization.

In ionization, charged particles, such as ions or electrons, are added or removed from an atom or molecule to transform them into an ion. So it is possible to use the air ionization method to ionize air in the atmosphere.

To create ionized air, air ionization requires a high voltage of electricity. Both positive and negative charges are considered ions. Therefore, the electrical component in the air can aid in lowering the fillings’ static charge.

Positive charges can cancel out the effects of negative static charges. The negative static charges are also neutralized by the positive charges. Since there are negative ions in the air, eliminating this charge will eliminate the static from the bean bag filler material. The following are the methods to remove the ionic charge from the air:

Ionic Hairdryers

Hairdryers and ionic hair dryers are extremely similar to one another. Ionic hairdryers only differ in between them is that they eliminate any static charge in your hair. To eliminate static from the beanbag filler, just switch on the hairdryer and point toward the filling material.

Of course, blowing the beanbag stuffing with a hairdryer could be a problem. If you are having trouble using it on the fillings, it is worthwhile to have a means available to catch them, such as a piece of cardboard, or to work in batches.

Ionic Pet Brush

Don’t have a hairdryer? No worries, an ionic pet brush can also come in handy. An ionic pet brush can also do wonders for you when it comes to removing static from bean bag fillers.

You can use an ionic pet brush in the same manner as the ionic hairdryer. If you have one lying around, it can be really helpful to do this task.

Ionic Air Purifiers

The last option is to go for ionic air purifiers. Air purifiers are very powerful when it comes to getting rid of static. Air ionizers are air purifiers that eliminate pollutants and particles present in the air. A modern air purifier will work more effectively.

The performance of an ionizer is significantly enhanced by the use of a fan. Though this process to purify the atmosphere takes time. If you’re looking to remove the ionic charge from a big space like the bedroom you might need to turn it on for a while to clean the air before you start looking for stray bean bag filling.

Method 3. Remove Static from Bean Bag Filling Using Water

Applying water to the bean bag fillings will also work for you. Use a spray bottle filled with water and spray it on the filler material in a way that they are not drenched in the water.

Remove Static from Bean Bag Filling Using Water

A little amount of water will work efficiently. There is no need to apply a large amount of water. Applying a lot of water will make the stuffing run away everywhere.

Method 4. Raise the Humidity Level in Your Home

The amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere is known as humidity. The air in the house gains moisture as the humidity is raised. And it means there is a higher amount of water content in the atmosphere.

Thanks to the moisture, the air becomes more conductive as a result of the moisture, which may seem counterproductive, but actually lessens the static charge in the bean bag filling.

You can opt for different options to achieve this goal. Some of the best methods to increase humidity in your home are:

Using Humidifier

A room humidifier is an excellent way to raise the humidity level in your home. It prevents dryness in the environment by adding moisture to the air. If you chose to buy one, make sure to buy a powerful model that can cover your entire home and not just one room.

If you will buy a normally powered humidifier, it might just not cover the whole area and will not remove the static effect.

Place Water Vases Near Window Tracks

You can put a glass of water on large windowsills, especially during a bright sunny day in the summer, and the temperature of the water will slowly increase and it will evaporate. It may take a long time to add humidity to the atmosphere but it is an effective alternative option to consider.

Put Houseplants in Home

Another great way to increase the humidity in the air of the house is by adding houseplants. The plants follow a biological process known as transpiration to add humidity to the atmosphere. In this process, firstly, the water is absorbed by the plants through their roots.

Then, water vapors come out from the leaves of the plants and go into the air. This causes the moisture content to increase in the atmosphere. Electric charges are neutralized due to high humidity in the environment. You just need to water the plants adequately on a daily basis.

We have to mention that they can enhance your room’s aesthetic appeal. English ivy, aloe vera, and snake plants are among the best houseplants for air cleaning.

Place Dishes of Water Close to the HVAC

HVAC provides heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings. This system stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning equipment.

Having heating sources like HVAC registers is also great for adding moisture to the environment. Just place a water bowl close to them and it will cause the water’s temperature to rise and evaporate into the air. It will cause the moisture content of the air to increase quite significantly. 

Use Boiling Water

Those who are not willing to spend money on a humidifier or a house plant can opt for this method. Those who have placed a bean bag in the kitchen, there is good news for you. You don’t have to do anything to increase the kitchen’s humidity level, it is increased naturally.

It is because when cooking dishes, water is boiled and evaporated in the air. In this way, water content is added to the atmosphere. This means cleaning up bean bag fillings from the kitchen floor becomes quite easy.

Open the Bathroom Door During Taking a Bath

This low-tech method might sound weird but it works. Run a hot shower, fill the room with steam, and leave the bathroom door open.

The evaporating water’s moisture will eventually spread throughout the entire house. As a result, it raises atmospheric humidity and gets rid of static electricity. Another option is to let the water cool in the bathtub.

Method 5. Use Metals

Next up, we have the option of a metallic substance. Metal is a good material to use to lessen static from any type of bean bag filling.

Many people also use it to lower the charge on their apparel. It is because the free electrons present on the object can jump toward the metallic material and hence, the static charge is removed.

For instance, electron charges are transmitted to a metal hanger when it rubs against a bean bag. Therefore, you will have ample time to brush up on the leftover beans.

Having some metal pieces on hand while cleaning up the bean bag stuffing is a smart idea. In this case, metal objects like metallic keychains, paper clips, coins, and thimbles can be useful.

Other Things to Use for Removing Static from Bean Bag Filling

There are many other useful things that can be used to remove the static charge. These things are as follows:

  • Dryer sheets
  • Balloons
  • Lint roller
  • Vinegar
  • Bi-carbonate soda

You can also find antistatic refills for bean bags available in the market. They do a decent job and make your seating option comfy.

How to Fill Beans in Bean Bag at Home?

The process to fill beans in a bean bag at home is quite simple but requires a person for assistance. The steps to follow are:

  1. Cut the pack of bean bag filling. You can use scissors to cut it.
  2. Use a paper clip and insert it into the zipper of the bean bag. If there is a pull tab attached to the child safety lock zipper, you can skip this step.
  3. Unzip the bean bag zipper lock by moving the zipper towards the left or right side.
  4. Find cardboard and fold it to make a funnel.
  5. Now, ask your partner to hold the opened bean bag.
  6. Use the cardboard funnel and start slowly pouring the bean bag filler into the bean bag.
  7. Make sure you don’t lose the flow or else the beans will spill on the floor.
  8. Once half filled, shake the bean bag to settle the fillings in the bean bag.
  9. Continue to fill the bean bag till it is completely filled up.
  10. Shake the bean bag again and see if any more space is available to be filled.
  11. After you are satisfied with the filled amount, close the zipper.

Can You Wash Bean Bag Filling?

Polystyrene, microform, Styrofoam, plastic, PVC pellets, and memory foam bean bag fillings can all be washed. There are also particular ways to clean these fillers.

Can You Wash Bean Bag Filling

Some eco-friendly bean bag fillers, such as cedar shavings, grains, and beans, cannot be washed. However, several other bean bag fillers, primarily sawdust, sand, pebbles, and hay are machine washable. You can either machine wash them or wash them manually. Regardless of the way, you can easily wash them to remove dirt and dust. 

How to Get Rid of Bean Bag Filling?

It is possible to get rid of any bean bag filling. Some of the best methods to do so are:

Recycle the Fillings

By keeping the little beans separately contained in a clear plastic bag for your recycling bin, you can easily recycle the popular expanded polystyrene (EPS) bean bag filling. There is an option to reuse the bean bag filler material.

But there is a small issue. The problem is that because bean bag filling is so tiny, it is easily polluted because it is frequently mixed in with normal garbage.

The little beans are mixed together with everything else and are not all contained together, which is why this happens. So, if you can put the EPS filler in a clear bag with everything else, you should be good.

When recycled, the bean bag filling (EPS) can be melted down and given the same shape again. So, you can give it to your local recycling companies.

Use the Filing to Fill Another Bean Bag

You can save a lot of money by using old fillings. Some bean bags can be purchased without having fillings in them. They cost you less as you don’t have to pay for the filler material.

You just pay for the cover and the liner. You can also purchase a new bean bag without filling material and use your current fillings to fill it. It is also a fine way to get rid of your bean bag filling.

Fillings for Your Garden or Planter Pots

EPS is fairly affordable. The tiny bean bag beans we’re afraid to find everywhere are cheap and fantastic at letting water drain. They are therefore ideal for use in the base of a garden bed or at the bottom of any planter pot. And thus help in avoiding decay and enabling soil aeration. 

Plus, it implies that you do not need to do additional spending on planters and garden beds. Aside from that, it makes relocating planter boxes much simpler. EPS is much lighter than any dirt mix, so it makes sense to use it.

How to Clean Up Bean Bag Balls or Styrofoam Microbeads?

There can be a case when you rip open a bean bag and its filling spill on the floor. Due to the static present in them, it can be hard to pick them up from the floor.

Follow the steps given below to clean up bean bag balls or styrofoam microbeads from the floor:

  1. Take a spray bottle and fill it with a stain remover, fabric softener, or any other kind of liquid spray.
  2. Spray the liquid on the spilled bean bag balls or styrofoam microbeads on the floor.
  3. Then, take a hand broom and mix all the sprayed bean bag polystyrene balls together.
  4. Finally, take a dustpan, use it to pick up the filling from the floor, and put them into the trash bag.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean Up Styrofoam Microbeads?

The simplest method to clean up styrofoam microbeads is to shut all doors and windows first to stop even a modest breeze. On the styrofoam microbeads, apply an anti-static spray before vacuuming them with a stocking over the end.

How to Make Styrofoam Not Stick to You?

The best way to make styrofoam not stick to you is to remove its static. There are different ways to do it such as using baby powder, water, metal, etc.

How to Fill a Bean Bag?

The process to fill a bean bag is as follows:
Open the bean bag zipper.
Cut open the pack of bean bag filling.
Make a funnel using cardboard.
Pour the filling into the bean bag.
Shake and zip the bean bag.

Static-Free Bean Bag Fillings!

It is common for bean bag fillings to have static charges. But the problem is that they can cause problems for the user when they want to clean them up after refilling. There are multiple solutions that we have discussed to remove static from the fillings. Follow any of the above-mentioned methods and you will be able to make things easy for yourself.

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