How to Dispose of a Bean Bag? (Safe Methods that Work)

How to Dispose of a Bean Bag? (Safe Methods that Work)

Is there a bean bag in your house that you need to dispose of? But how to dispose of a bean bag? Don’t be hasty because you can use it to facilitate several enjoyable activities.

You can use the bean bag cover to make DIY projects with your kids or donate it to a charity. The filling can be used in your gardens for plants to create a strong base for any bud. 

Likewise, EPS filing is an ideal medium for packaging or even bath roam toys for kids. Polystyrene is also a fantastic medium for insulation as it comes with thermal resistance. 

How to Dispose of Bean Bag Chair?

  1. You may sell it to a potential buyer on an online or offline market.
  2. You can gift it to someone on a special occasion.
  3. Donate it to any organization or charity.
  4. The filling can be used to insulate your home, help keep your drinks cool, make attractive arts and crafts and rearrange your plants.
  5. You can make cool bath toys for your kids or repackage your things in the robust EPS. With so many prospects it’s time you start recycling.

Usage of Old Bean Bag Covers

Learn to save money by simple hacks such as utilizing bean bag covers. The material used for these products is durable enough to withstand wear and tear from normal use without compromising its aesthetics or comfort level.

It also makes them perfect for someone planning to eliminate their old furniture before moving into another space.

They also come with disposal options: either through private recycling services located near where one lives (or within certain distances) or sending contaminated items off-site at no cost via landfill shipment.

Tips on How to Dispose of a Bean Bag

To recycle the old bean bag, the most convenient solution is finding somebody else who can set your bean bag or simply cover it to make use. Most people today love free stuff. So marketing a free bean bag via an internet ad will get them taken care of immediately.

Tips on How to Successfully Dispose of a Bean Bag

While not all covers consist entirely of recyclable materials, there’s always hope if you’re lucky enough for one made out of fabric which could probably end up being contributed to a donation bin.

Here are some ways you can opt to dispose of bean bags:

Reselling Them to Potential Buyers

You can also make some extra money by selling your bean bags. To do this, you need to find a way that is convenient for both parties involved in the transaction- either use an old-fashioned garage sale or go online.

Use Filling for Pots and Plants

Next up, you have the option to get rid of polystyrene balls in a safe way. Expanded polystyrene is a great material to use when growing vegetables in garden planters.

It prevents corrosion and allows the soil surface area microbes which help break down organic matter within your entire bed or potting mixture, not just on top like traditional heavier materials do- this means better root development for plants.

EPS also helps make moving boxes from one location much simpler since they don’t get damaged as easily by debris left behind during transport. Plus you can stack them up without worrying about anything collapsing atop each other.

Create a New and Improved Bean Bag Chair

The solution to a problem that was never really there! If you loved your bean bag and didn’t know what to do with all of its fillings, here’s how it can help.

Simply use the same old cozy materials as before by filling in your new bean bag with your favorite filling. Just throw a new bean bag cover on top for good measure so they stay warm.

Make It Into an Art and Crafts Project

There is no doubt that bean bags are versatile but have you ever thought about incorporating them into an art project? Yes, that’s right, the decor is always a welcoming addition to home spaces so why not create necklaces from its beads?

It is possible to dispose of bean bag balls. One can also use the filling for some pick-me-up artwork for walls. Moreover, the tiny balls inside the bean bags are ideal for creative painting ventures. When it comes to art, there are no boundaries, especially with such optimal source options. 

The Perfect Outdoor Decor

Who doesn’t love a beautiful garden with decent/cost-effective decor? It’s easy to create artifacts with the right kind of objects that entice the eye. You won’t have to buy artificial figures now as you will be able to create them yourself. EPS can be molded and used as per your desire.

How to Dispose of Bean Bag Filling – Uses of EPS

There are certain ways to dispose of any bean bag filling which you can choose. These amazing methods are:

How to Dispose of Bean Bag Filling

The Ideal Packaging Material

If your bean bag contains EPS then you’re in luck as it is often used as a packing material. Why? Because of its durability and structural properties. EPS has air-filled pockets that are made to protect anything inside them which also makes them excellent for filling spaces.

So the next time you have valuable items to transport, make sure to check your old unused bean bags. Also, you can insert EPS into objects that are delicate for added protection.

Create Plastic and Decoration Pieces

While the world has no shortage of plastic, we are here to tell you about an intriguing DIY project that is too good to not try. To make your plastic that can be molded into several objects, take a considerable amount of acetone, also known as nail polish remover and add it to the EPS.

It will take some time as it breaks down into small components and ultimately liquid. In the end, you will be left with an artful mold that can be made into a variety of shapes, decor objects, or even toys. 

Keep Your Drinks Cold

Another great use of EPS is that it’s the ultimate insulator that’s ideal for keeping things cold.  To make use of this hack, simply wrap the bean bag filling around the drink and experience the magic. 

Take a tube-shaped tube or postage wrap and add the bean bag filling before inserting the drink bottle. You will be able to keep the drink cool, chill, and safe all summer.

DIY Bath Toys

EPS has the ability to float so why not make it into bath toys for the little ones to enjoy? All you have to do is take a mesh bag and drop your EPS into it and test it on water. Once the toys start to float, attach some eyes and sew a design for aesthetic pleasure and have fun.

Make Admirable Outdoor Feature Pieces

There is no need to buy garden gnomes when you have a bean bag to dispose of. The EPS inside bean bags can be used to make gardens at tournaments without much difficulty. If not you can give the filling to companies that do so. This is a super cost-effective way to get the ball rolling. 

What Makes Bean Bags Irresistible?

It takes no time to throw away a bean bag but it takes some effort to pick one that will spruce up your ways of living.

Bean bags are all-around items that are flexible, comfortable, adjustable, and not to mention resourceful. They make excellent furniture pieces that add a pleasing effect to any work or home space.

What Makes Bean Bags Irresistible

Their comfortable interior and moldable exterior make your sitting hours pressure-free and enjoyable. Not to mention shredded form conforms around your body to provide comfort and relation to the max. 

Bean bag chairs support your back, neck, and shoulders. They are your one shop stop for all your living space decor. Furthermore, bean bags are easy to refill after continuous use and can be disposed of in versatile manners as discussed. 

Things to Do with Bean Bag Filling

There are many things you can do with access bean bag filling:

  1. You can use it to refill your garden plants at home as they allow you to make a firm base at the bottom of the plant which prevents rotting 
  2. Using old balls for arts and crafts is a great idea, as you can use them for many things, including making toys, necklaces, and attractive wall art.
  3. Did you know you can shrink your bean bag filling? Yes with nail polish you can transform it and make your plastic
  4. Thermal resistance makes polystyrene a fantastic insulator.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Empty a Large Bean Bag?

Emptying a large bean bag may seem like a mountain to overcome but is easy to accomplish. Start by opening the bean bag and with a handy tool, undo the safety zipper.
Take a cardboard funnel and insert it into the inner side of the bag before locking the safety zipper around the funnel. Once it is in position, pour the bean bag filler into the bean bag with no issue at all till almost full.

Can You Deflate a Bean Bag Chair?

If you aren’t using the bag anymore then it’s possible to empty the foam. As above we recommend placing it into some other storage bag if you plan on using it in the future. 

Can Bean Bag Beans Be Recycled?

Yes, it is possible to dispose of bean bag beans. In general, bean bag filler is made from EPS Polystyrene or styrofoam balls which are not recyclable but with a bit of cleverness you can use them in a variety of ways. If it’s in good form you can add the filling in a new cover to make a new bean bag altogether.
Likewise, when it comes to natural fillings you can use several ways to recycle bean bag fillings made from actual beans, rice, or buckwheat husks.

Are Bean Bags Good for Health?

Suffering from pain? A sore back? Or a target of bad posture? That’s where bean bags come into action as they allow you to let, go of back pain.
You will be able to relieve tension by improving your posture and providing support so that your muscles and joints can readjust. Allow the bean bags to mold into your body shape, size and surface so your body can relax. 

Can You Refill a Bean Bag Chair?

The good news is that you can extend the life of your bean bags by taking several steps, and most of them can be refilled once the beads go flat. Virgin EPS beads are among the most comfortable, durable, and long-lasting bean bag fillers.

How Do You Compress an Ultimate Sack?

It is not easy to compress an ultimate sack because as the foam breaks, the fluffier the sack gets. Take your ultimate sack, apply force on all points of the sack, take the zipper and compress it into a small cover. 


Bean bags are made to last and take the stress off your body. Their versatility, durability, and strength will make you smile all day long and reuse them when they fulfill their purpose.

Whether they are damaged, in need of repair, or have outgrown your home decor, you can incorporate the bean bag into your existing settings. Now you know how to dispose of your bean bags.

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