How to Open Bean Bag Childproof Zipper Lock in 5 Quick Steps?

How to Open Bean Bag Childproof Zipper Lock in 5 Quick Steps?

Bean bags are super fun and comfy seating options for everyone. The soft material used as filling for them is what makes them so comfy. But that material is sometimes hazardous to health. That’s why there is a zipper lock on the cover for protection. But how to open that bean bag zipper lock at the time of need?

If you don’t know the answer, this comprehensive guide is for you. Whether you are new to bean bags and your bean bag zipper won’t open or are looking for the way pros open a bean bag chair, stick to this piece of writing and read the zipper instructions for unlocking bean bags to get the answers.

So, let’s dive right into the process and see how it’s done.

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Open Bean Bag Childsafety Zipper Lock

Remove the liner from the bean bag, if any. Find a corn cob holder or paper clip and insert it into the hole in the bean bag zipper lock. Use it to move or slide the zipper in an upward or downward direction to open the bean bag zipper lock.

Once opened, remove the cover to clean or refill the bean bag fillings. Put the cover back and move the zipper lock again in the same pattern to close the bean bag zippers.

Why is There a Zipper Lock on the Bean Bag?

There is a need for a zipper lock on the bean bag due to multiple reasons. Indoor and outdoor bean bag manufacturers have to follow the standard along with rules and regulations set by the government.

For the USA, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is the legal body that has issued some rules and regulations in this regard. These laws, rules, and regulations vary from one country to another. 

Another reason is that a child safety zipper lock, will make it impossible for toddlers to open a bean bag chair. It is important because if a child gets access to the interior of the bean bag, they may get lost or unable to find a way out, and as a result, they may suffocate.

Why is There a Zipper Lock on the Bean Bag

The fillings or the material used to make these chairs may make it difficult for the children to breathe. 

Bean bag fillings such as small polystyrene beads, memory foam filler, or PVC are one of the main constituents of a bean bag. There is also a possibility that children, especially the ones that are three years old or younger, may inhale and choke on them.

This applies to pets as well. They may crawl into an open bean bag and get lost in it. So, a childproof mechanism of top-notch quality integrated with a bean bag is extremely crucial. The more complicated the child zipper lock is, the better the protection is for your kids.

Nevertheless, manufacturers do try their best to make it challenging to open the bean bag zipper by not featuring a handle or tab with the zipper mechanism. The absence of a handle also decreases the risk of the user getting injured.

You may find one or more zipper pull tabs on your bean bag, especially on the big ones like the one from Big Joe. The ideal thing to do in such a scenario is to sew them shut or remove them using a wire cutter. It will make it immensely hard for kids to put their small fingers inside the bean bag chair.

Always keep an eye on underage children and pets when they are around a bean bag, even when all safety precautions have been taken.

Materials Required to Unlock Bean Bag Childproof Safety Zipper

There are some bean bag brands that actually provide the right tool to open a bean bag chair. You may use one of the following tools to unlock a bean bag zipper:

  • Wire
  • Paper clip
  • Keyring
  • Thin tension bar
  • Corn cob holder
  • Twisty tights

Step-by-Step Guide to Open Bean Bag Zipper Lock

Follow the below-mentioned steps to open a bean bag zipper lock in no time. Generally, most bean bag zippers work on the same principle, but there are as with many things in life, you might come across some other issues.

The steps to follow for opening the bean bag zipper are:

  1. Begin by finding the zipper slider on the bean bag. Search somewhere near the tabs as manufacturers tend to its underside there. 
  2. Next up, use a wire, paper clip, keyring, or twisty tights as a bean bag zipper puller. We recommend using a paper clip. Put it through the center of the zipper where the pull tab is present. The zipper on your bean bag may have more than one hole but only one will be the right one to move.
  3. Once placed in the right hole, slowly move the zipper up or down.
  4. You may find an inside bag for the bean bag filling with the child safety zipper lock. If that is the case with you, simply follow the first three steps. 
  5. After doing the bean bag cleaning or refilling chore, simply close the bean bag, remove the paper clip used and get rid of it.
5 steps to unlock bean bag safety zipper lock

A similar method is followed to unlock pottery barn, Lovesac, Ultimate Sac, or any other brand’s bean bag zipper. Do not skip any step or you might end up ruining your beautiful piece of furniture.

How to Fix Bean Bag Zipper Stuck Issue?

Bean bag users mostly report the issue that their bean bag zipper is stuck. Usually what happens is that the bean bag’s fabric gets caught in the zipper. If you are not facing that problem, lubricating the teeth of the zipper is the most suitable solution.

You may use any household lubricants such as candle wax, graphite pencil, olive oil, petroleum jelly, or soap bar.

We suggest using a graphite pencil. It works amazingly well as a dry lubricant to reduce friction between surfaces to some extent. Simply grab a pencil and rub its top on the outside of the teeth of the zipper, somewhere near the slider. 

If it doesn’t work for you as you expected, put some olive oil, petroleum jelly, or bar soap on a cotton swab and swap the zipper’s teeth. Shake the bean bag zipper to make the lubricant effective in the area.

A graphite pencil can also do wonders in case the bean bag chair zipper is separated after it’s closed or doesn’t zip up correctly. Just lubricate the zipper’s teeth and you will be good to go.

In addition to that, there is a possibility that the teeth of the zipper are displaced from their position. If that is the problem, you can realign them using pliers. If this doesn’t solve your problem, it looks like your bean bag’s zipper is loosening with the passage of time.

Use pliers to close the mouth of the zipper. Make sure it’s catching your bean bag slider’s teeth and closing them in the right way.

Should You Replace the Bean Bag Zipper?

Replacing your zipper on the bean bag is the last option if you have tried all possible solutions for fixing it. You should replace the child safety zipper if:

  1. There is a damaged pin on the slider holding the pull tab
  2. The zipper has lost one or more of its teeth

Replacing a bean bag safety lock is surely a time-consuming task but it won’t take much effort to complete as the task is an easy one. Go to a tailor or seamstress to replace your zipper. The process of replacing your bean bag zipper is as follows:

  1. First, the seamstress or tailor will take your bean bag chair apart and get rid of the faulty zipper lock.
  2. Then, they may resize the new zipper lock. 
  3. After that, they’ll align the new zipper to close the bean bag chair’s bottom and top equally along its length.

Bean Bag Zipper Lock Repair Cost

Replacing a bean bag zipper lock is an extremely tiresome task and that is why it would cost you around $50 to $70 minus the cost of the new zipper.

Here is a list of the estimated average charges that you have to pay to fix your common bean bag zipper issues:

Sr. No.Bean Bag Zipper ProblemAverage Cost
1.Complete replacement of a new zipper$50 to $70 (excluding the new zipper cost)
2.Zipper came apart after being zipped up$10 to $20
3.Slider came off$20 to $30
4.Missing zipper stopper$10 to $25

You always don’t have to pay a visit to the tailor or seamstress for fixing bean bag zipper problems. If you only have to work on straightforward adjustments or alterations, and you have the time and skill, you could just bring in a good quality zipper repair kit and use it to solve the issue by yourself.

But be sure you know what the zipper needs in order to be fixed or repaired. The last thing you want is to pick up off the floor having filling spilled due to the damaged zipper. You should reach out to the local seamstress or tailor if you have more complicated problems with bean bag child safety locks.

The type of material of your bean bag will decide whether or not the tailor or seamstress will properly fix the zipper problem in the first attempt. To keep the zipper in place, they will need the right sewing needles and a stronger thread.

Even when using needles designated for this purpose, most of the tailors or seamstresses, even the most experienced ones, will break at least more than two needles while working on the zippers of the leather bean bags.

We have answered some of the questions on how to unzip the bean bag zipper lock. Have a look at them and you might clear some of your doubts.

How to Open Bean Bag Chair Zipper Lock – A Video Guide

For those who want to see a live demonstration of how to open a bean bag child-safety zipper lock, here is a video for a better understanding:

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Open Big Joe Bean Bag Zipper?

Grab a paper clip and insert the paper clip into the hole in the Big Joe bean bag zipper. Use the clip to slide the zipper in any direction. Once the zipper is opened, remove the cover.
After cleaning or refilling it, place the cover back on the Big Joe bean bag and move the zipper once again in the same way to close the zipper.
Some Big Joe beanbag zippers may require a pull tab. Place the tab on the zipper’s loops. Then, pull the tab away from the bean bag zipper using your thumbs and separate the two sides.
Hold both sides of the flap with your fingers and use some force to pull them apart to unzip the zipper.

How Do You Open a Yogibo Bean Bag?

The process of opening a Yogibo bean bag is similar to that of any other bean bag chair including the big joe bean bag. Simply use a paperclip, wire, corn cob holder, or any other tool and thread it through the hole in zipper.
Then move the paperclip in a direction to open the Yogibo bean bag. The bean bag zipper will move with the movement of the paperclip.

How Do I Undo a Safety Zip?

Follow these steps to undo a safety zip:
Find a paperclip and bend its prong outward slightly
Put it inside the bean bag zipper latch’s hole
Pull the first zipper open to reveal the second one
Unzip the second zipper in the same way

How to Replace a Bean Bag Zipper?

The process to replace a bean bag zipper is as follows:
First of all, you need to get some materials and tools. These tools and materials include fabric or iron-on patching material, a new zipper, tough thread, and needles specially designed for this purpose.
Post that, you need to take out the old zipper. The zipper is usually removed by unrolling the top of the cover of the bean bag chair and pulling it down until it can be pulled away from the zipper opening.
After that, you may sew any new zipper lock you buy and place it in the same way that the defective zipper was stitched to the bean bag cover before.

Last Words

This was all about how anyone can open a bean bag zipper lock. Child safety locks are an important part of bean bags. Unzipping the bean bag zipper can be a challenge for adults sometimes as not everyone knows how to do it.

This step-by-step guide will help you in achieving this task. If you still have any questions, you may ask us in the comments below.

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