How to Gift Wrap a Bean Bag Chair at Home?

How to Gift Wrap a Bean Bag Chair at Home?

Everyone loves gifts. And a bean bag makes up for an excellent idea to give someone as a token of love. It is comfy, cozy, and a great seating option. But how to gift wrap a bean bag chair so that it can be presented in an adorable way? Well, this easy guide will take you through the complete process so that you can pack it in a safe and secure way.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Gift Wrap a Bean Bag Chair

Follow the given steps to wrap your big bean bag chair in a customized and adorable manner:

Step 1. Pick the Best Wrap Material

The first thing to do is to pick an appropriate material to wrap the bean bag. Pick something with a fun and vibrant design that complements the recipient’s personality or the occasion.

Following are some sturdy and durable materials that can withstand the weight and shape of the bean bag.

Gift Wrapping Papers

The first option is the obvious and best one. Wrapping papers for gifts is conveniently affordable and simple to use for this purpose. Opting to wrap your bean bag in this manner proves to be an environmentally friendly approach.

wrapping papers for gift wrapping bean bag chair

Wrapping Fabrics

The next option is to use fabrics for wrapping. People with an affinity for elegance often prefer utilizing luxurious materials such as silk, velvet, and other rich-looking fabrics to pack their precious gifts. In such cases, one can conveniently acquire the desired size of fabric from the market according to the dimensions of the bean bag chair.

Wrapping Polythene

You can also use wrapping polythene for your bean bags. These polythene offer a level of protection to your presents, particularly in damp or wet conditions. They come in vibrant and glossy shades with various captivating designs. You have the option to choose from colors like silver, gold, bronze, or any other of your preference. 

Step 2. Calculate the Size Wrapping Material

The next step is to calculate the required size of the chosen wrapping material. We recommend choosing wrapping paper for gifts. To help you calculate the size of the wrapping material, we will go with an example.

Consider the scenario where you place your bean bag inside a square-shaped box measuring 22 x 22 x 2 inches. Now, you would need to cover the entire surface area of the box. Here is how you can calculate the size of the required wrapping paper:

  • The required width of the wrapping paper = 2 x the length of the box in inches

= 2 x 22 inches 

= 44 inches

  • The required length of the wrapping paper = 4 x the length of the box in inches

= 4 x 22 inches

= 88 inches 

When cutting the paper, leave 2 inches more for gluing reasons. 

When you want to wrap a rectangular-shaped box, use the following method to determine the width and length of the wrapping paper.

  • The required width of the wrapping paper = 2 x  the length of the box in inches
  • The required length of the wrapping paper = (2 x the height of the box in inches) + (2 x the width of the box in inches) 

The wrapping papers of the standard size might not be large enough to warp the huge boxes in which usually the bean bags are delivered or shipped to others. This is why, join multiple wrapping papers together and then begin to wrap the bean bag chair.         

Step 3. Wrap the Bean Bag Chair According to its Size

Next up, you have to wrap the bean bag chair. The size of the bean bag is very crucial when wrapping it. Small bean bag chairs are far easy to wrap than giant ones. 

Bean Bag Chair for Kids

A toddler’s bean bag often has a smaller size as compared to an adult-size bean bag. Therefore, you can put the bean bag in the box first before covering it. You can wrap your bean bag straight if it isn’t too large rather than enlarging it first. One large piece of wrapping paper is required.

If you can’t find a larger piece of paper at this point, you can tape or glue multiple smaller ones together. You could also use scissors and tape besides that. After gathering the aforementioned materials, stick to the following instructions. 

1. Use a Cardboard Box to Pack the Bean Bag

Using wrapping materials, you can directly wrap your bean bag. However, it would be preferable if you placed it first inside the cardboard box. After that, packing the cardboard box will be simple. It is essential to give your loved one your gift undamaged.

For that, using a cardboard box for packing is secure. A cardboard box acts as a protective cover when you travel with the bean bag.

2. Put the Prepared Box on the Wrapping Paper

The wrapping process for a bean bag is the same as wrapping any other gift. The extra thing to do is that you’ll use some wrapping materials and a big box. The container should be positioned in the center of the wrapping material. 

3. Wrap the Wrapping Paper Around the Box and Use Tape to Fix it

Take a corner from this and attach it to the box. The other end should then be wrapped around the box and stuck to it. These two ends should ideally overlap with one another. The container won’t be exposed to the outside after that. You’ve now finished wrapping all four sides of your box.

Now learn how to finish the other two sides. The paper’s open corners should be bent and the edges are then pasted.

Put a ribbon on the top of the box to further enhance the elegance of your gift. Voila! Your present is prepared to delight a little child.

Giant Bean Bag for Adults

You have two options for packing your bean bag to decrease its size. One is merely to remove the bean bag filler and pack and wrap the bean bag cover. Another option is to suck up any remaining air in the bean bag.

1. Use a Vacuum to Reduce the Size of the Bean Bag

In the fillers and all around the stuffing of bean bags, a lot of air is present. In order to shrink the bean bag and remove these air holes, a vacuum cleaner is required.

Put your enormous bean bag inside the plastic, polythene, or waste bag. After that, sandwich a polythene bag between the bean bag cover and the vacuum cleaner’s nodule. Put the bean bag cover over the nodule mouth.

Start the vacuuming procedure after that. Slowly, you’ll find that your bean bag is getting smaller. The bean bag should then be pushed and pressed by the helping hand of another person. It will assist in getting rid of the extra air. Keep doing this until your bean bag is completely shrunk.  

2. Close the Opening of the Polythene Bag

Then you need to tightly close the opening of the polythene bag with the help of a thread. 

3. Seal the Bean Bag

Put the cardboard bag with the bean bag inside right away, then close it.

4. Wrap the Box and Put the Gift Tag, Ribbon, or Bow

To wrap the box, you can follow the steps mentioned above.


Do not worry if a large cardboard box is not available or if the entire bean bag cannot be placed inside the cardboard bag. Place a section of the bean bag into that cardboard box. The remainder of the bean bag can then be left unoccupied. Wrap the entire compacted bean bag after that.

Tips for Handling a Large Bean Bag During Wrapping

Wrapping a giant bean bag can present some logistical challenges. Here are a few tips to make the process easier:

  • Clear ample space to spread out the wrapping paper and maneuver the bean bag.
  • Enlist the help of a friend or family member to hold the bean bag in place while you wrap it.
  • Use a table or elevated surface to lift the bean bag slightly, making it more accessible for wrapping.
  • Take breaks if needed to prevent strain or fatigue, especially when dealing with heavier bean bags.
  • As you wrap the bean bag, ensure that the wrapping paper is securely fastened using clear tape. Use the tape sparingly to maintain a neat and professional appearance. Avoid using excessive tape that could damage the wrapping paper or make it difficult to unwrap the gift.
  • Once the wrapping is complete, carefully inspect the package for any loose ends or areas that need reinforcement. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the wrapping paper to create a polished look. Making these final adjustments will ensure the presentation is flawless.

How to Wrap a Bean Bag Chair for Storing?

You might want to wrap your bean bag for storing or any other reason besides gifting purposes. To guarantee a safe and effective wrapping procedure, it’s critical to properly prepare your bean bag chair before you begin.

wrapped bean bag chair for storing

The steps to prepare your bean bag chair for wrapping are as follows:

Shrink the Bean Bag Using a Hoover

  • Bean bags are hefty and challenging to wrap because of the amount of air they hold in the fillers and around the stuffing.
  • You can remove the air spaces from the bean bag with a vacuum cleaner to shrink it. Put your bean bag inside a large rubbish bag or a sturdy polythene bag first.
  • Next, tuck the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle between the bean bag and the outer shell. The bean bag will shrink in size when you turn on the vacuum cleaner and allow it to suction out the air.

Put the Compressed Bean Bag in a Heavy-duty Plastic Bag

  • When the bean bag is compacted, you should put it inside a sturdy plastic bag to secure it from debris, damage, and wear and tear while being wrapped.
  • Make sure the plastic bag is big enough to comfortably fit the whole bean bag. Carefully seal it ensuring that no air may escape from or into the plastic bag.
  • The bean bag’s smaller size will be maintained as a result, making wrapping it simpler.

These instructions will help you get your bean bag chair ready for wrapping for storing while making sure it’s kept tidy, safe, and manageable all through the procedure.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you gift wrap a bean bag chair?

Follow our guide to gift wrap a bean bag chair.

How do you gift wrap a bag shape?

It is possible to wrap a bag shape by covering it with wrapping paper.

How do you pack a big bean bag?

You can check out our guide to packing a big bean bag.

Should I wrap my gift or put it in a bag?

This is up to you. You can wrap and present it the way you like.

Final Thoughts

So that was all about the process of gift wrapping a bean bag chair of any size. Gifts hold a special place in our lives, inspiring joy and happiness. Whether it’s a bean bag or any other present, wrapping it with beautiful materials enhances its appeal. The act of wrapping goes beyond mere coverage; it adds an extra touch of beauty and value to your gift.

It is an art form that allows you to express your creativity. So, take the time to wrap your gifts creatively, using exquisite wrapping materials. Let your presentation when gifting a bean bag reflect the thought and care you put into choosing the perfect gift. Embrace the art of gift wrapping a bean bag or any other item and make your presents even more memorable and cherished.

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