Yogibo Bean Bag Sizes – Comparison of Dimensions

Yogibo Bean Bag Sizes – Comparison of Dimensions

When it comes to having comfort at home in the form of a bean bag, there are many options out there. But Yogibo has emerged as a frontrunner, offering a range of cozy seating and lounging options.

One key factor that plays a significant role in taking your Yogibo experience to the next level is the size of the bean bag you choose. Continue reading in order to learn about available Yogibo sizes and how you can pick the perfect fit for your comfort needs.

Yogibo Bean Bag Sizes – Available Options

Yogibo offers a variety of sizes for their bean bags, each designed to cater to different needs and preferences. This perk of Yogibo makes it a premium option. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular bean bag chair sizes available:

Sr. No.Yogibo Bean Bag ModelDimensions (inches)Dimensions (feet)Weight (lbs)Number of People Supported
1.Yogibo Short49 H x 22 W x 23 D4 H x 2 W x 2 D14-151-2 Adults
2.Yogibo Pod X32 H x 32 W x 32 D3 H x 3 W x 3 D11-141 Adult
3.Yogibo Lounger32 H x 38 W x 33 D3 H x 3 W x 3 D10.5-111 Adult
4.Max Yogibo72 H x 24 W x 24 D6 H x 2 W x 2 D194 Adults
5.Yogibo Mini36 H x 36 W x 24 D3 H x 3 W x 2 D12-141 Kid or Toddler
6.Yogibo Double70 H x 78 W x 24 D6 H x 7 W x 2 D404 Adults
different dimensions of yogibo bean bag

1. Yogibo Short

The Yogibo Short bean bag is perfect for those who need a compact, easy-to-clean, and portable lounging solution. Its dimensions are 49 x 22 x 23 inches and weighs around 14-15 lbs. When standing up, it only takes 3 sqft of space. This bean bag is a compact version of the famous Yogibo Max. It’s ideal for kids’ rooms, small apartments, or as an additional seat in any room.

yogibo short size
Credits: Yogibo

Plus, it’s perfect for one adult but when used as a Loveseat, it can support up to two adults comfortably. Despite its smaller size, it still delivers the signature comfort. The Zoola Short Yogiob bean bag is the same size but is designed for outdoors.

2. Yogibo Pod X

The Yogibo Pod X is your personal oasis of comfort, designed for reading, gaming, or chilling out after a long day. Weighing in at a portable 11-14 lbs and taking up only 4 sqft when standing, it’s a space-saving solution for smaller rooms.

yogibo pod x size

With dimensions of 32 x 32 x 32 inches, this bean bag chair offers generous seating space while remaining easy to move around. It combines the convenience of refilling with amazing comfort, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an always-fluffy, cozy, and versatile seating option. The Zoola Pod is the same size but is made for outdoor uses such as the garden or patio.

3. Yogibo Lounger

The Yogibo lounger strikes a balance between compactness and spaciousness. The bean bag’s dimensions are 32 x 38 x 33 Inches and weighs around 10.5-11 lbs. It’s great for individual seating, gaming, or reading. With its ergonomic design, the bean bag provides excellent support for the occupant’s back.

Its variant called the Zoola lounger is available for outdoor usage. Its dimensions and weight limit are the same as those of the indoor lounger.

4. Max Yogibo

The Max Yogibo is one of the larger options, offering a generous lounging area for two to four individuals at a time. Its dimensions are 72 x 24 x 24 Inches and weighs around 19 lbs. When standing it up, the bean bag only takes an area of 4 square feet in total. It’s the ultimate choice for those looking to chill out, watch movies, or take a nap in luxurious comfort.

yogibo max bean bag

A variant of Yogibo Max comes as the Zoola Max bean bag. Its dimensions and weight are the same. The difference is that it is made for outdoors.

5. Yogibo Mini

The Yogibo Mini is the smallest seating option having dimensions of 36 x 36 x 24 inches and weighs about 12-14 pounds. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Mini is ideal for kids and toddlers, making it suitable for any room in your home, regardless of its size.

This bean bag offers the same immense comfort found in its larger counterparts, the Max and Short. Whether it’s for use in serene retreats, cozy reading corners, bedrooms, or living areas, the Yogibo Mini stands as a perfect comfy seating solution, transforming into the coziest armchair you could ever imagine.

6. Yogibo Double

As the name suggests, the Double Yogibo is a giant-size bean bag and is designed for sharing. The bean bag bed dimensions are 6′ x 4′ x 2′ or  70 x 78 x 24 inches and weighs about 40 pounds. It’s spacious enough for more than two adults or several kids to enjoy together. Whether it’s family movie night or a gaming session with friends, the Double Yogibo has you covered.

yogibo double size

For those who want to go big or go home, this giant Yogibo is the largest option available. It’s the ultimate in comfort and versatility, serving as a couch, a bed, or even a makeshift fort for the kids.

How to Choose the Right Size of Yogibo Bean Bag?

Selecting the perfect Yogibo size depends on your specific requirements and available space. The right size ensures that your furniture not only fits seamlessly into your living space but also caters to your unique comfort preferences.

Consider the following factors when choosing a size of bean bag for yourself:

1. Room Size

Measure the area where you plan to place your Yogibo. Make sure there’s enough space for the chosen size without crowding the room.

2. Intended Use

Think about how you’ll primarily use your Yogibo. Is it for solo relaxation, family gatherings, sleepovers, or gaming marathons? Different sizes of Yogibo bean bags are for different purposes and can support different numbers of people.

3. Portability

If you need a Yogibo that you can easily move around, opt for a smaller size like the Mini or Short. Though you can also move giant ones, it will take a lot of your energy and effort. Smaller sizes are suitable for those who shift places frequently.


In short, Yogibo sizes truly matter. Selecting the right bean bag size ensures that your Yogibo becomes a cherished part of your living space, providing support and comfiness like no other.

Picking the correct size is not only necessary for Yogibo but also for other bean bag brands like Big Joe, Ultimate Sack, and more. Whether you prefer the compactness of the Mini or the spaciousness of the Giant, there’s a Yogibo bean bag chair size that matches your requirements.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Is a 3 Foot Bean Bag?

A 3 foot bean bag is big enough to support kids.

How Big is a 4 Foot Bean Bag?

A 4 foot bean bag is big enough to support an adult.

What is the Standard Size of a Bean Bag?

The standard size of a bean bag is big enough to support a single adult.

How Long is a Yogibo?

Yogibo come in different sizes such as 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, and 6 feet.

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