How to Fill a Bean Bag Easily in 6 Steps? [Mess-Free Method]

How to Fill a Bean Bag Easily in 6 Steps? [Mess-Free Method]

Owning a bean bag chair is something that makes you feel like a proud homeowner. They give you comfort, make you feel relaxed, and help you in relieving back pain. But a time comes when they become flat. So, they wonder how to fill a bean bag chair so that it gets back to its original shape.

Filling your bean bag is not that hard and it doesn’t take that much of your time too. In this step-by-step guide, we will teach you the best method to fill your bean bags for cheap which is even followed by professionals. Simply follow these steps and you can refill your bean bag by yourself without any errors. 

Let’s begin.

Tools and Materials Needed to Fill a Bean Bag Chair by Yourself

How to Easily Fill a Bean Bag Chair Without Making a Mess – Steps to Follow

It takes almost zero effort to refill your bean bag chair for cheap. Follow these steps to easily fill up a bean bag by yourself:

Step 1. Make Funnel

First of all, get a hardboard and fold it to make a funnel. You can make the funnel by folding it in the shape of a triangle and closing its base. Usually, bean bag companies provide cardboard along with bean bags. Make sure the funnel doesn’t leak from the base or your beanbag fillings will spill on the floor.

If you don’t have cardboard, you can use other things as a funnel such as plastic cups, plastic bottles, or plastic funnels. You can buy it from any nearby store, car, or kitchen accessories store.

Step 2. Open Bean Bag Zipper

Next up, take a paper clip or any other tool to open the bean bag zipper. In general, a bean bag consists of two zippers. They also have a children’s safety mechanism for protection purposes. Use the paper clip to open the first zipper of the bean bag cover. Then, again use the paper clip to open the zipper of the filler chute.

Step 3. Open Bean Bag Filling

 Post that, cut the bean bag filling packing and open it. Don’t open it a lot or else you might drop the beans or polyester balls on the floor and create a messy situation.

Step 4. Fill the Bean Bag

Then, place the cardboard funnel over the opening of the bean bag and fill it by putting bean bag fillings on the funnel. Slowly pour the fillings on the funnel and fill the bean bag. Refill the bean bag till it gets back to its original shape. Shake the bean bag to make sure fillings go to each and every corner so that there are no empty spaces left.

Fill the bean bag carefully or you might drop the bean bag filler on the floor and make it hard for yourself to clean it.

Large-sized bean bags make take a little bit more of your time at this step.

Step 5. Close the Bean Bag Zipper

Once the bean bag is fully filled, close both of the bean bag zippers using a paper clip. Close the zipper slowly or you might damage the safety mechanism and create a new problem for yourself. There you have it. Nice, comfy bean bags looking good as new.

After filling the bean bag, sit on the bean bag chair and check whether or not you need to fill more filler in the bean bag to make it extra stiff. If you feel that the bean bag chair should be stiffer, you may repeat the process and refill your chair till it gets packed enough.

Step 6. Cleanup Spilled Fillings

You may have spilled some bean bag fillings on the floor. You can use a vacuum, brush, or any other floor cleaning tool to clean the mess from the floor.

Pro Tips to Refill a Bean Bag by Yourself

Here are some tips for you that will help you in refilling bean bags like an expert:

Pro Tips to Fill a Bean Bag
  • Before opening the children’s lock zipper of your bean bag, inspect its cover properly to ensure it is not ripped or damaged from anywhere. It is important because otherwise, your fillings may fall on the ground during the refill. And hence, it will create more mess for you to clean.
  • The next tip which we have for you is to remove all air movement from the room. If there exists any sort of movement of air, the bean bag filling may blow away. It is best for you to fill your bean bag in a place where there is no breeze. You may choose a bathroom or corner of a room to do this task. These places have no air movement if all electronic appliances and windows are closed.
  • Then, completely prepare all of your areas prior to refilling your bean bag chair. Make sure the area, whether it’s a bathroom or the corner of a room, where you’ll fill your bean bag is clean. It’s a good idea to vacuum the area first to ensure it’s free of dust and debris. In this manner, if any of the bean bag stuffing spills, the bean bags will stay free of dirt and can be reused. If you’re going to refill the bean bag chair in the bathtub, remember to prevent the bean bag filling from going down the drain by putting the plug in the drain hole.
  • Besides that, ensure that there are no more than two persons in the room. When it comes to filling a bean bag yourself, it really helps if you have another person to assist you in completing this task. However, if someone is eager to help you in doing this chore, make sure they are a responsible grownup. When refilling your bean bag, please keep any pets, babies, and children out of the room.
  • Please note that If any of the bean bag fillings are blown away, they may choke your pet’s or child’s lungs or nose, causing them to suffocate if they chose to eat them. It is so because, well, beans look yummy and nice, and pets and kids have an attraction to eating stuff they shouldn’t.
  • In the end, try to allocate a dedicated storage place for your leftover bean bag fillings. If any bean bag filling is leftover, a bag or sack is a wonderful location to store it. A pillowcase that has been washed and flipped inside-out is another way to store them. Just check it first completely to make sure it is not damaged. Make sure this is then stored in a location where your pets or children cannot access it for safety reasons.

Bean Bag Fillings Used to Refill

When it comes to bean bag fillings, you have multiple options. The most common option is tiny polystyrene balls. You can easily buy them from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Target. You can go to their website or find their online stores to buy it.

Furthermore, you can also use staples or styrofoam as bean bag fillers. It is commonly used as packing material for things that are commonly found in homes.

There are also some organic bean bag fillers that you can use such as worn-out clothes, plush fillings of toys, different kinds of beans, rice, and some other things. It is an excellent choice for DIYers and those who don’t want to spend their bucks on buying new fillings.

Types of Bean Bag Fillers

You will find four primary types of bean bag fillings in the online and offline markets. These choices can also be used to fill a bean bag without beans, giving you more ways for this job in case you can’t find beans. These filler types include:

Types of Bean Bag Fillers

1. Micro-Beads

First up, we have microbeads that you can use to refill bean bag chair. They’re little plastic pellets made of polyethylene. They’re more awesome for small bean bags in comparison to larger ones. On the downside, these have commonly been prohibited over the world because they appear to pose a threat to the environment.

2. Compressed Foam

Compressed foam is a new type of filling that has been introduced in the market to fill a beanbag. It is basically just memory foam that has been shredded into countless small pieces. The majority of people who have a bean bag chair with this fantastic filling are impressed by how comfortable and cozy it is.

3. EPP Beads

Expanded polypropylene is another name for this type of bean bag filling. It is a kind of polymer and is more well-known in the world. They’re incredibly resilient, tough, and quite long-lasting. They will come back to their original shape when squeezed.

EPP beads do not lose volume as quickly as EPS beads do. The sole disadvantage of this type of bead is that it is extremely combustible.

4. EPS Beads

At last, we have EPS beads, one of the most affordable ways to fill a bean bag by yourself. They are small polystyrene balls that have a similar texture to styrofoam. They’re also used to make packing pillows and inexpensive throwaway coffee cups. Because they are strong and lightweight, they are ideal for bean bags.

 They have a diameter of 3-4 mm and are made up of 98 percent air. If you have any leftovers after filling your bag, you can use them to make additional DIY projects.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Easiest Way to Fill a Bean Bag?

The easiest way to fill a bean bag is to use a funnel made up of cardboard or plastic and use it to add the fillings to the bean bag chair.

What Else Can You Fill a Bean Bag Chair With?

There are numerous bean bag fillings such as coffee beans, rice, polystyrene balls, plush toy fillings, etc to fill your bean bag chair.

How Much Filling Does a Bean Bag Chair Need?

It depends on what kind or size of bean bag chair you have. If you have a big bean bag chair, you will need a lot of bean bag filling. But if you have a small bean bag chair, you won’t be needing big sacks of bean bag fillings to fill them.

How Do You Fluff Up a Bean Bag Chair?

You can fluff up your bean bag by opening it, holding it in a way that its opening is facing upwards, and shaking it for at least 2-5 minutes.

How Do You Fill Beans in a Bean Bag Cover?

The method to fill beans in a bean bag cover is very simple. Open the bean bag cover, remove its old bean bag filling, use a funnel and pour the bean bag filling into it.


Filling a bean bag chair is not as hard as it may look. Anyone can easily do this DIY job if they follow the steps that are provided in this comprehensive guide.

You can use any of the bean bag fillers given in above. If you face any issues, you may ask us in the comments below and we will try our level best to solve them for you.

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