How to Fluff a Bean Bag Chair? (Method to Give Your Chair a New Life)

How to Fluff a Bean Bag Chair? (Method to Give Your Chair a New Life)

We all admit that all homeowners love their bean bags. A bean bag chair from a top-notch manufacturer may last for a long time. But that is not guaranteed due to multiple reasons. One of the main problems of the bean bags going flat lies inside them, in their fillings.

Bean bag fillings usually lose their fluffiness and cause your furniture to go flat. To solve this issue, you need to fluff your bean bag. By fluffing it, you will be able to bring your bean bag back to life and make it comfortable again.

Chances are that you have no idea what in the world is that. But fret not, I will bring you this informative guide on how to fluff a bean bag and make it good as new. Let’s find out.

How to Fluff a Bean Bag Chair – Answered

1. Remove the outer bean bag cover. 

2. Shake the bean bag. Rotate it towards another side after shaking its one side.

3. See if the bean bag is fluffed enough or not. If not, shake it again and again till it’s fluffed perfectly.

4. Put the cover back on the bean bag.

Primary Reasons Why Do Your Bean Bags Go Flat

Before we dive into the process, you must know the causes of this problem. It will help you in fixing your bean bag in a better way. There are multiple reasons for your bean bag to go flat. Have you ever wondered what this furniture piece contains in itself that makes it super comfy?

It contains bean bag fillings of different types. EPS or expanded polystyrene beans (EPS beans) is the main raw material for the bean bag filling.

Styrofoam and EPS beans are almost similar to one another. They are super comfy and fluffy material. It is because the EPS beans are filled with 98% of air. This creates countless air pockets in them and hence makes them comfortable to sit on.

But here is the problem: as they are mostly air, with the passage of time, air squishes out the EPS beans. This causes them to lose weight and decrease their size to a great extent.

Reasons Why Do Your Bean Bag Go Flat

You won’t feel any change in your bean bag. But after using them for long hours, they will lose their shape because the filling will be pressed against the user’s weight, air pockets will get emptied from them, and they will decrease their size. And hence, your bean bag will go flat.

It will not only ruin its shape but also make it extremely uncomfortable for you to sit on them ever again. This is where you need to opt for fluffing your bean bag.

Another reason is that there might be a hole or puncture in your bean bag. So, whenever you sit on them, the fillings will go out from the hole. To solve this issue, you need to sew the hole in it to keep the bean bag fillings inside the bean bag cover.

There can be other reasons as well but most of the time, these are the causes that homeowners ultimately find out.

Best Method to Fluff a Bean Bag Chair – Easy DIY Guide

Make your bean bag fluffy in no time! It is possible to fluff a bean bag from Cordaroy, Lovesac, Yogibo, or any other brand with ease and that too at your home. Here is the best method that you can follow to fluff up a bean bag chair like a pro:

Step 1. Remove the Outer Core of the Bean Bag

Begin the process by removing the outer shell of the bean bag and exposing its inner core. In general, your bean bag will have a zipper lock to open the bean bag’s cover or liner. Unlock that zipper and open the bean bag.

Once the inside is exposed, you will be able to see the furniture-grade urethane foam or styrofoam pieces in there. By the way, you can also clean or maintain your bean bag at this moment.

Skip this step and move ahead if you cannot find the bean bag zipper lock. Do not try to rip the cover as you cause damage to the bean bag’s layers. Tearing up your bean bag can also ruin it.

Step 2. Shake the Bean Bag’s Inner Core

When the foam in a beanbag chair is compressed, it flattens out. In order to restore the inner foam to its original form, it needs to be shaken up.

After getting rid of the bean bag’s outer shell, flip it over and hold its inner core in the upward direction. Shake the bean bag carefully and slowly upwards and downwards.

Once you will open the bean bag, air will enter into the filling and create air pockets to give them weight and shape. Plus, the entered air will help to lose the bean bag fillers to make the bean bag’s inner core better.

Keep repeating this shaking action until the fluffiness is as desired. Furthermore, keep on agitating the bean bag’s inner core to make it even fluffier. In general, you should shake it for up to five minutes.

Shaking the bean bag the right way will let you achieve the required level of fluffiness for your bean bag. Just make sure that don’t spill the beans out while shaking. If you won’t be careful, prepare yourself to clean the mess on the floor.

Be careful, don’t keep your children and pets too close to the bean bag while its zipper lock is opened for shaking. It is so because if bean bags while shaking the bean bags are spilled out due to an accident, your children or pets might play or inhale them which can be fatal.

Step 3. Check for Fluffiness

Once you are done with shaking your bean bag, see whether or not the bean bag is fluffed as you wanted. The appearance of the bean bag should clearly be different after fluffing it. If not, you can shake them again till they are perfectly fluffed and comfy.

You can also check for the fluffiness of the bean bag by sitting on it. Sitting on the bean bag before and after fluffing it will clearly be different.

Sitting on your chair after fluffing should be more comfortable in comparison to before shaking it. Be careful while sitting on it as the zipper is opened and bean bag filling might come out of it due to your body weight. A fluffed bean bag will also make it easy for you to sleep on it.

Step 4. Close the Bean Bag Cover

After fluffing the bean bag and making it comfy again, close the bean bag zipper. You may also change the bean bag cover but it is totally up to you.

How to Avoid Bean Bag from Going Flat?

Bean bags usually go flat after being used for a long time. They can also lose their shape if a person sits on them for long hours. There are multiple other reasons for this problem. But it can be solved without any help from a professional.

How to Avoid Bean Bag from Going Flat

Go for the fluffing method regularly to avoid your bean bag from going flat. Fluffing it after every use is recommended even if is in flawless shape.

As mentioned earlier, the fluffing process involves unzipping your bean bag and shaking it to reactivate the air pockets in the bean bag fillings.

How to Make Bean Bag More Comfortable?

Modifying either the filling and fabric or both of the bean bag is the best way to make the bean bag chair more comfortable. Here are some amazing methods to make your bean bag comfy and cozy:

Repair Tear-Jerking Areas of the Bean Bag

Tears in a bean bag can cause discomfort to the user. These tears can disturb the comfiness and stiffness of the bean bag chair. Repairing the tear-jerking areas can make them tight and smooth again.

Repair the areas to save the bean bag fillers from spilling out as it can also lead to making the bean bag uncomfortable.

Padded Cover

Faux fur, leather, vinyl, and cotton are amazing fabrics for a bean bag cover that offer great comfort. For even more comfiness, set the padded cover on your whole or some part of the bean bag. Pad up your bean bag and see the magic.

Go for Memory Foam Massage Mat

You can go for the memory foam massage mat for awesome relaxation and a remarkable comfort level. It is designed with a layer of polyurethane memory foam for softness. You can easily attach it to your bean bag. Additionally, heating pads provide heat to a variety of body parts. 

Take Care of Cleanliness of Bean Bag

Laying on a dirty bean bag also makes a bean bag uncomfortable. Therefore, clean your bean bag frequently to improve its hygiene. A clean bean bag will attract you towards it for a calm sleep.

How to Empty a Bean Bag?

You should look for a partner to help you remove the beans and empty the bean bag because it can be a little challenging to do so on your own.

You should also keep your children or animals away while doing the process because they might pick up the beans and eat them which can be extremely dangerous.

How to Empty a Bean Bag

Before you start removing the beans, one last reminder: keep in mind that air conditioners and fans can cause these fillings to fly here and there.

Step 1. Clean the Bean Bag

Start by hoovering up any dirt from the indoor surface you’re working on to clean.

Step 2. Pour the Beans

Next, keep a funnel and a plastic bag to pour the beans into it. You can create a funnel out of cardboard or anything similar to a plastic bottle if you don’t already have one.

Step 3. House the Beans

Then you have to take the beans out and empty the bean bag. Take the plastic bag and tie it to the funnel so that it is large enough to hold all of the beans. Ideally, it should be twice the size of the inner liner.

Step 4. Open the Bean Bag Cover

After that, you need to open the safety zipper on the bean bag cover with the help of a paper clip.

Step 5. Place Another Funnel

Post that, insert the funnel’s other end inside the inner liner bag and secure it with the bean bag zipper.

Step 6. Empty the Beans

Now that the funnel is secure and tight, you can slowly empty the beans out of the bean bag the safe way.

How to Recover a Bean Bag Chair?

When nothing works, refilling your bean bag will do it. This is the most ideal approach to recovering a bean bag chair that has gone flat and cannot be revived even after fluffing it.

Simply open the bean bag zipper, empty the bean bag, pour in new fillings, and close the zipper. Once refilled, fluff it to give it a perfect shape. And there you have it, a fully recovered bean bag chair at home like an expert.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Thing to Fill Bean Bags With?

A variety of bean bag fillers can be used to fill a bean bag such as EPS beans, styrofoam, EPP beads, rice, old clothes, EPS beads, etc.

Is There a Trick to Filling Bean Bags?

There isn’t anything special to follow for filling the bean bags. You can follow the standard and safe procedures to refill your bean bag at home.

How Long Does it Take for a Bean Bag to Expand?

Time taken for a bean bag to expand varies from brand to brand. In general, it will take 4 to 6 hours for a bean bag to expand.

How Do You Rejuvenate a Bean Bag?

To rejuvenate a bean bag, you should refill it or fluff it. Both methods will do wonders to give your bean bag a new life.

Bye, Bye Flat Bean Bags!

Nobody likes flat bean bags. Even they look immensely unpleasant in such a bad shape. To give them their original shape and make them look good as new, you need to fluff a bean bag. This guide teaches you how you can fluff your bean bag that has gone flat. 

Simply follow the steps given in the guide and you will be able to perform this DIY job without any errors. If you will fluff your bean bag perfectly, it will make it comfortable again to sit on. The task is an easy one and anyone can perform it at home.

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