How to Wash a Lovesac Cover? (Easy Washing Instructions)

How to Wash a Lovesac Cover? (Easy Washing Instructions)

LoveSacs are awesome. They are a source of cuddly comfort, relaxation, and happiness. But let’s face it – spills happen. And not cleaning them on time will only ruin them. If you don’t know how to wash your LoveSac covers at home, fret not, we’ve got your back. We will provide you with essential guidance on cleaning those covers. So, grab your cleaning gear, and let’s make those covers sparkle again. 

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Wash a Lovesac Cover (Bean Bag or Sactional)

  1. Unzip and remove the cover from the Lovesac bean bag chair or sactional.
  2. Toss it in a washing machine.
  3. Add cold water on a gentle cycle
  4. Remove the covers and hang them for some time to dry.

Things to Take Care of Before Cleaning LoveSac Covers

Not all covers are cleaned in the same manner. Before cleaning one, read the LoveSac cover washing instructions tag present on it. It would tell you whether you can wash it or not. And if you can, what’s the method to follow.

Avoid using any fabric softener when washing a cover. Similarly, you should only line dry it. Furthermore, never place it in a dryer after cleaning it.

It is so because using a dryer to dry out your cover might shrink the cover and cause you issues when putting it back again. You might not even be able to put it back again.

Some LoveSac fabrics are dry clean while others can be washed using water and mild soap. Nevertheless, the company claims that the covers can be washed without any problem of pilling, shrinking of material, or color fading.

Following are the fabrics that you can dry clean:

  • Gray gold damask cut chenille
  • Waled velvets
  • Heathered tweeds
  • Cross weaves
  • Gotham jacquards

The following LoveSac fabrics can be spot cleaned with a mixture of mild soap and water:

  • Sunbrella outdoor sactionals fabric
  • Standard leather fabric
  • Faux leather fabric
  • Top grain leather fabric

Easy Way to Wash LoveSac Bean Bag & Couch Cover

LoveSac offers various covers for beanbag chairs, cushions, pillows, couches, and sofas. All of the covers have a tag with washing instructions written on them. Do read those guidelines before cleaning the cover.

This cleaning process is applicable to all covers of the LoveSac including:

  • Bean bag covers
  • Sofa covers
  • Couch covers
  • Cushion covers
  • Pillow covers
Easy Way to Wash and Clean LoveSac Beanbag & Couch Cover
Credits: Lovesac

You can clean the LoveSac bean bag and sactional covers in the following way:

Step 1. Unzip and Remove Cover

First of all, remove the cover from the bean bag, sofa, or couch. Be careful while removing the bean bag cover as you might damage the filler material.

Step 2. Pat or Wipe the Cover to Remove Dirt and Debris

Then, you may dust off the cover to get rid of debris, dirt, and dust before washing it. In this way, you will be able to clean the cover on your own without using any cleaning agent or washing machine.

Remember to zip them shut before you start patting or wiping them.

Step 3. Remove Visible Stains from Cover

If you can see any clearly visible stains, you can remove them using any good-quality washing soap. But first, wipe out the spill with the help of dry doweling. Then, use a soap to clean it.

Directly apply some of it to the stain and let it sit for half an hour. Next, you can scrub the area of the stain with a clean cloth moistened with cold water.

Step 4. Vacuum the Cover

Post that, you can vacuum the covers after dusting them off. You can also vacuum them while they are still on the beanbags, sofa, or other things. 

Step 5. Put Cover in the Washing Machine

If there is still stubborn dirt, debris, or stains, put the covers in the washer. Add the required amount of cold water and set the settings on a gentle wash cycle. 

You may use a laundry detergent such as Gain or Tide pod. But be careful as not all the cover materials can handle the chemicals present in them.

Never ever use any liquid fabric softener to wash the bean bag cover as it is extremely harmful to it and other covers.

Step 6. Hang the Cover to Air Dry

Finally, once they are washed up, you can hang them somewhere safe to dry. Go for air dry and never use a dryer to dry them. Using a dryer will result in the shrinking of the covers and make them completely useless as they will never go back on the beanbag or couch.

Shrinking of the Lovesac temporarily is only useful under certain circumstances such as transportation, storing the bean bag, and more. Otherwise, shrinking the covers unintentionally and permanently will only cause issues for you.

There you have it. Nice, clean, and washed covers are ready to be reassembled. Before you reassemble your bean bag chair or sofa, make sure that the covers are completely or closed to completely dry out, or else your furniture can be ruined.


Not all of the covers are washable. The company has launched a line of washable covers that can be washed safely. Others need extra attention before you wash them. Read the tag to know whether or not you can wash them.

If you want bean bags with covers that are completely safe to wash, there exist multiple options in the market that you can opt for. Just make sure they have the tag or instructions on how to wash them in a safe way to ensure you clean them without ruining their material.

How to Wash Lovesac Blankets?

If you want to clean your dirty Lovesac blanket, you need to follow some steps. Here are the LoveSac blanket washing instructions to help you take care of it:

Tools Required

  • Mild laundry detergent
  • Stain remover (if necessary)
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Washing machine or sink/basin
  • Dryer or clothesline

Checking the Care Label Instructions

Before proceeding, it is important that you check the care label attached to your Lovesac blanket. It will provide specific care instructions regarding washing and drying methods, water temperature, and any other relevant information. Following the care label instructions ensures you don’t accidentally damage the fabric.

Once you are done with that, start the washing process.

Step 1. Cleaning Any Removeable Stains

Before machine washing the blanket, remove any fresh or new stains from it that can be cleaned by spot-cleaning them. Remember, do not rub a stain or it may damage the blanket’s fabric.

Step 2. Setting the Washing Machine

Then, set your washing machine to a gentle, delicate, or medium cycle with a slow spin speed. Avoid using high-speed spin cycles, as they can cause the blanket to stretch or lose its shape.

Step 3. Using the Right Detergent

To clean the blanket, you should use a mild laundry detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics. Harsh detergents can damage the fibers of the blanket and thus ruin it, as mentioned earlier.

Step 4. Choosing the Appropriate Water Temperature

Post that, check the care label for the recommended water temperature. Generally, using cold water is a safe option for most Lovesac blankets.

Step 5. Adding the Blanket to the Machine

Next, toss the blanket into the washing machine, ensuring it has enough space to move freely. Overcrowding the machine can lead to inadequate cleaning, so avoid doing so.

Step 6. Starting the Wash Cycle

Begin the wash cycle and let the machine do its work. Once the cycle is complete, you need to dry the Lovesac blanket. For drying, you can either dry it using a dryer on medium or no heat setting.

Or you can air dry the washed blanket by hanging it on a clothing line or laundry rope. Keep it away from direct sunlight as it can ruin the fabric or even shrink it.

Can You Dry Lovesac Covers?

Yes, you can dry your Sac covers, especially those that are made up of velvet and corded velvet fabrics. You can safely air-dry them without getting the worry about them being ruined or damaged. They will still look like new.

Tossing them in a dryer won’t ruin them either but make sure the cycle is gentle. One thing to keep in mind is to check the manufacturer tag on the cover if available and see if it can be tossed into a dryer or not.

Generally, the bean bag covers of the following fabrics should not be tossed in a dryer as they are considered somewhat delicate in nature:

  • Cashmere
  • Faux Leather
  • Lace
  • Sheer
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Rayon
  • Silk
  • Spandex
  • Wool

How to Make LoveSac Covers Smell Clean?

You are done with washing the covers and they look super clean. But if they still have a bad smell, you can place some vinegar in the area where the cover is present.

Leave the vinegar till the smell is not gone. Vinegar will absorb the bad smell from the air. Usually, it takes about 12 hours to completely get rid of the bad odor from the room.

How to Clean Lovesac Insert of Bean Bags?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to wash the insert:

Step 1. Remove Cover

Unzip and remove the cover from the sac

Step 2. Spot Treat Stains

Spot treat the stains, dust, or dirt present on the insert of the sac. You may use a damp cloth along with a mild cleaning solution to clean the stains and use a sponge afterward to soak up the liquid content left in there.

Step 3. Air Dry

Once cleaned, let the insert air dry.

Step 4. Put the Insert Back

After it is cleaned, put it back inside the cover and zip it up.


Do not try to remove or unzip the fabric as it may damage the bean bag.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wash Lovesac Cover?

Yes, you can wash Lovesac covers but some require special attention as you have to be careful while cleaning them. Also, you need to be mindful of the way you clean them.
Just to be on the safe side, Do read the instructions given on the note attached with the bean bag or couch whether or not, the cover material is washable.

How to Wash Lovesac Cloth Cover?

You can wash the LoveSac cloth cover by unzipping and washing it in a washer with cold water. Keep the cycle in delicate or gentle settings.
Always air dry them and never use any other dryer. Also, try not to use any fabric softener when washing them. You may use a popular laundry detergent.

Can You Dry Lovesac Covers?

It depends on the fabric used but in general, yes, you can dry your Lovesac covers without any problem. Just make sure to follow the right settings of your washing machine.
We suggest you wash and dry them at the lowest possible setting of the machine. Do twenty-minute cycles 3 to 4 times.

Why are LoveSac Covers So Expensive?

LoveSac covers and bean bags are expensive mainly due to their washable quality. They can be washed in a washing machine with cold or mild water.
Though they have high prices, Lovesacs are surely worth it.

Which LoveSac Cover is Best?

All of the LoveSac covers are of top-notch quality and worth a try.

Parting Words

And that is how you can easily wash the cover of your LoveSac sactional or bean bag. We have tried our best to solve this issue for you. If you still have any questions or doubts, do let us know in the comments below. Happy cleaning!

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