How to Break in a Bean Bag Chair at Home? [Easy Methods]

How to Break in a Bean Bag Chair at Home? [Easy Methods]

Did you just buy a brand new bean bag and are now finding out the right way to assemble it? The good news is it is quite easy to do so and you also don’t require the help of your partner or friend.  Read on to find out how to break in a bean bag chair at home in a safe way.

8 Steps to Break in Your New Bean Bag Chair

Here is the process of setting up your new bean bag chair, ensuring that you can enjoy its cozy embrace to the fullest.

Step 1. Choosing the Right Spot

The first step to assembling your bean bag is to choose a decent spot where you can easily open it up and move it around as well as adjust its position as needed.

Step 2. Removing Cover

Next, remove the cover and liner from the box, ensuring that the liner remains closed. This allows oxygen to reach the foam, helping it expand to its original shape. Most probably, the foam is already shredded, so there is no need to manually rip it apart. Simply release it from its compressed or shrunk state.

Step 3. Massage the Filling

Then, massage the filling to ensure they have broken apart or shuffled completely. This step helps to achieve required comfort.

Step 4. Removing the Cover and Aligning the Seams

Finally, take the cover and align the seams before putting it back on the bean bag chair.

Step 5. Fluffing Your Bean Bag

After assembling your bean bag chair, give it a good shake to distribute the filling evenly. This will help in restoring its shape and making it ready for use.

Step 6. Molding Your Bean Bag

Molding your bean bag chair is also important to ensure you get maximum comfort without hurting your back or hips. Sit on your bean bag chair and adjust your body to mold it according to your preferred shape.

Move around, shift positions, and gently push and pull the chair’s surface to create a comfortable indentation that conforms to your body.

Step 7. Wait for Some Time

 It may take some time for the chair to become completely comfortable, but the wait is worthwhile considering the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Steps To Break In Your New Bean Bag Chair

Step 8. Create a Cozy Nook

Once your bean bag has been assembled, take a look around your room and determine the best area for your bean bag chair. Consider factors like natural light, proximity to other furniture, and the overall flow of the room.

If possible, create a cozy nook by placing your bean bag chair near a window or a cozy corner of the room. This will enhance the overall ambiance and make it an inviting space to chill out. Enjoy your cozy and comfortable bean bag chair.


  1. If desired, you can add extra cushions or pillows to your bean bag for added support. These can be placed behind your back, under your legs, or on the sides to create a customized seating experience. Experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect arrangement that provides immense comfort and support.
  2. Some bean bag chairs come with refillable filling, allowing you to adjust the level of support. If you find your chair too firm or too soft, you can add or remove the filling until you achieve the desired level of comfort. If you don’t get an extra filling, you can buy fillers for your bean bag.
  3. To make your bean bag chair even more inviting, drape a cozy throw or blanket over it. This not only adds an extra layer of comfort but also enhances the aesthetics of your seating area, making it a cozy and welcoming space.

Steps to Assemble Foam-Filled Bean Bag Chairs

Breaking into a foam-filled bean bag chair is a relatively easy process that requires a few simple steps which are as follows.

Step 1.

Once you receive the package, carefully review the provided information given on the tag or manual.

Step 2.

Then puncture the fabric of the outer shell using pallet knives or scissors. Inside the bean bag chair, you’ll find the shredded memory foam in a separate compartment from the outer shell for easy shipping. Remove the foam from the inner shell of the bean bag and allow it to sit and expand.

Step 3.

Meanwhile, unpack the outer shell by opening the child safety zipper lock and laying it flat on the floor.

Step 4.

Next, place the foam-filled inner shell on top of the cover of the bean bag and break up any large chunks of foam by hand. Allow the foam to expand fully.

Step 5.

Flip the top part of the cover over the foam and close the zipper lock of the outer shell. However, the foam won’t reach its fullest capacity unless you work on it. Take the time to flip, kick, and punch over the chair, supporting the expansion process.

Be patient as it can take a few days or even up to a week for the foam to fully expand. Your efforts will ensure your foam-filled bean bag chair provides optimal comfort to the occupant.

Separately Shipped Inner Cover and Foam Filling

If you receive a bean bag chair with packed foam and an inner cover delivered separately, the steps to follow will be slightly different. By following these steps, you can properly set up your bean bag chair with packed foam and an inner cover, ensuring that the foam expands and fills the chair effectively.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Begin by opening the inner cover and laying it flat on the floor.
  2. Take the packaged foam and place it inside the inner cover while keeping it in its plastic packaging.
  3. Carefully cut the plastic packaging and release all the foam particles into the liner.
  4. Close the liner and twist off the zipper pull tab to secure it in place.
  5. Start massaging the foam to help it expand and distribute evenly within the inner cover.
  6. Flip the bean bag to allow sufficient air circulation for the foam to fully develop.
  7. Make sure the foam has expanded to its full size within the bean bag’s inner cover.
  8. When placing the inner cover inside the outer shell, ensure that the seams align properly.
  9. Finally, close the zipper of the outer shell to complete the assembly.

How to Break in EPS Bead-filled Bean Bag Chair?

When it comes to breaking in an EPS bead-filled bean bag chair, the process differs from other types of bean bags. 

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Expanded Polystyrene bead-filled bean bag remains comfortable and provides the ideal support you desire. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Begin by assembling the bean bag. I recommended having someone assist you to avoid spilling the beads during the process.
  2. To prevent spills, you can use a small PVC pipe or a large cardboard funnel to guide the beads into the bean bag’s inner cover. Be cautious not to overfill your bean bag or you will surely spill the filling on the floor. It’s usually best to fill it to around 70% capacity, as instructed by the manufacturer.
  3. Over time, the beads in the bean bag may compress and lose their cushioning effect. To restore comfort, you need to fluff your bean bag. shake and flip the bean bag several times to redistribute the beads and regain the desired cushioning.
  4. If, after a couple of months, you feel that the bean bag chair requires a top-up, you can add more beads to achieve the desired comfort level.

How to Maintain and Take Care of Your New Bean Bag Chair?

To ensure that your new bean bag chair remains in top condition for years to come, it’s important to follow some maintenance and care tips:

Regularly Fluff and Rotate

Occasionally fluff your bean bag chair by giving it a gentle shake or kneading the surface. This helps to prevent the filling from settling in one spot due to usage over time and maintains the bean bag’s shape and comfort level. Additionally, rotate it frequently to distribute the wear evenly.

Spot Clean as Needed

Accidents happen, and your bean bag chair may occasionally require spot cleaning. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on the tag for the recommended cleaning method. In most cases, a mild detergent or fabric cleaner and a soft cloth should suffice.

Avoid using harsh chemicals, cleaners having bleach, or abrasive cleaners that could damage the fabric as some fabrics are very delicate.

Store Properly When Not in Use

If you need to store your bean bag chair when not in use, make sure it is clean and completely dry before storing it in a dry and well-ventilated area. Avoid storing it in direct sunlight or places with excessive heat or humidity, as this can cause the fabric to fade or mold.

Patience is Key to Assembling Your a Bean Bag Chair 

When breaking into a bean bag chair, patience is key. Instant results should not be expected, as it takes time for the foam to expand naturally. Waiting several days or weeks is necessary to achieve the desired level of comfort.

Choosing a bean bag chair with high-quality fill material is essential for optimal support and comfort. If you find yourself exerting too much effort to be comfortable in the chair, it may be a sign of poor quality. I advise you to explore different options and invest in a reputable bean bag chair to avoid unnecessary struggles. Prioritizing quality will ensure a more enjoyable experience with your bean bag.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for a Bean Bag to Expand?

It takes several days or weeks for a bean bag to expand.

How Do You Make a Bean Bag Expand Faster?

You can make a bean bag expand faster by agitating its inner core.

How Do You Make a Bean Bag More Comfortable?

You can make a bean bag more comfortable by refilling it or fluffing it.

Do You Have to Break in a Bean Bag Chair?

Yes, without breaking in a bean bag chair, you cannot assemble it.

Easy Way to Assemble a Bean Bag Chair

So this is how you can set up your bean bag at home. The process is quite easy, can be completed in no time (minus the expansion time), and does not require a lot of effort or energy. Follow the steps in the given guide and you will be able to assemble your bean bag like a pro.

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