How to Move a Bean Bag Chair? (4 Easy-to-Follow Methods)

How to Move a Bean Bag Chair? (4 Easy-to-Follow Methods)

A homeowner who owns a bean bag definitely faces trouble transporting it. They usually are unable to move the bean bag chair due to countless reasons, the size being the major one.

If you also don’t know the right way to move a bean bag chair, fret not, this guide has got you covered. I will teach you how you can effortlessly move a bean bag chair from one place to another.

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What is a Bean Bag?

A bean bag is a comfortable chair made from fabric or polystyrene beans or beads. These beads are usually filled with polystyrene beads or beans. It was initially made exclusively for children but adults started using them as well since they found that the bean bag was very comfortable to sit on.

Adults could relax in it easily without any pain in their back or joints even after sitting on it for long periods of time without moving.

Bean Bag

There are different types of bean bags available from various companies and you will find cheaper bean bag chairs as well. The cheaper bean bag chairs are not that high quality and they may not be able to support the weight of an adult for long hours.

You should also read reviews about the different types of chairs available in the market and then choose one that has good reviews from people who have bought this chair in the past.

Bean Bag Material

The polystyrene beads are made of petroleum-based products. They are not biodegradable, which means that they do not decompose over time. Furthermore, they do not break down into smaller particles when exposed to the environment and cannot be recycled.

Polystyrene beans and beads are also known as styrofoam beads in some parts of the world like Australia and New Zealand.

Besides fabric and polystyrene beads, the materials used in making a bean bag chair are quite soft, which makes them comfortable for sitting on them for long periods of time without hurting your back or joints. 

Bean Bag Usage

Bean bag chairs are very comfortable and can be used in a variety of places like your home, outdoors, or even at the workplace. These seating options are perfect for those who have to sit for quite some time without moving or getting up. 

If you are looking for something that can make you feel relaxed, you should definitely use bean bags as they are made while keeping comfort in mind. 

Maintainance and Cleaning Bean Bags

The bean bag chairs are also very easy to maintain. You can use them for a long time without having to replace them because they are made of high-quality materials. In order to clean bean bags, one should first get rid of the dust particles and dirt from them. 

The easiest way to do this is by using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the bean bag fully and easily. After removing the dust from the bean bag, you can use a damp cloth to remove any stains from it. If there are no stains on the bag, you can just use a dry cloth to soak up the wetness on it.

Cleaning bean bags is not rocket science and can be done easily if you know how to do it in a proper manner. It is very important that one cleans their bean bag regularly so that they stay in good condition for years together without getting spoiled or damaged in any way.

How to Move a Bean Bag Chair?

Moving a bean bag to another place is quite challenging. Even though it has lightweight bean bag fillings, it takes a lot of energy and effort to move a bean bag chair because of its size. It is almost impossible to move it by yourself. 

You will need the help of other people to move a bean bag chair from one place to another. It is not easy to carry a bean bag chair because of its weight, size, and material. Some people can even need the help of professionals for moving a bean bag chair because it is too difficult for them.

It is somewhat hard for people to move bean bag chairs from one place to another. Follow the following methods if you want to move the bean bag:

Method 1. Using a Box and Vacuum Cleaner

Using a Box and Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1: Place a heavy-duty plastic bag over the bean bag.

Step 2: After that, insert the vacuum cleaner tube into the plastic bag.

Step 3: Insert the vacuum pipe’s end into the bean bag and wrap the opening of the plastic bag around the pipe.

Please note that make sure the polythene bag does not suck into the vacuum cleaner pipe. The reason for this precaution is that polythene bag has the potential to be damaged or melted. If this occurs, you must do the shrinking procedure again from the first step.

Step 4: To eliminate air pockets on the bean bags, use the vacuum and apply pressure on them. To pressurize the bean bag, you’ll need the help of another individual. Then they can push, sit, or kneel on the bean bag with their hands. The bean bag will gradually deflate.

Step 6: Continue vacuuming and manually pull the bean bag until it is completely compressed.

Step 7: Quickly remove the vacuum pipe from the plastic bag and tape the opening.

You should avoid letting the air enter the bean bag at this point. Because the volume of the bean bag will grow if air pockets form again.

Step 8: Stuff the box with the shrank bean bag. You can now transport your bean bag wherever you want. You can put the shrunk bean bag in your car’s boot or hood. One may also put it on your seats because it does not take up a lot of room in the car.

Additional Information Related to this Method

Furthermore, bean bags might take the shape of a container, so choose appropriate-sized boxes that aren’t easily damaged. It may bump on the sides if you use a very small box.

Plus, avoid taking the big box because you’ll have to use extra packing materials to stop the bean bag chair from shifting.

Method 2. Using a Love Sac Tool Kit

The love sac tool kit is a collection of packaging designs for moving bean bags. You can get them from online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay or offline supermarkets. This kit will cost you around $65 to $75.

Love Sac Tool Kit

All of the necessary tools are included in the love sac tool kit, including one set of instructions, a large cinch duffel bag, and giant plastic bags. These gadgets aid in the shrinking and safe transport of bean bags from place to place. It’s also a great way to safely transport bean bags from one country to another with ease.

In this method, follow steps 1 to step 6 of the second method. After that, follow the following steps to move the bean bag chair using the Love Sac tool kit:

Step 7: Fold the shrink bean bag and insert it into the duffel bag. Then go on vacuuming until the bean bag size is equal to that of a duffel bag.

Step 8: Post that, zip the duffel bag over the vacuum pipe.

Step 9: Remove the vacuum pipe and close the polythene open as soon as possible.

Step 10: Now you can zip the love sac duffel bag all the way up.

This packing procedure usually takes around 10 minutes. Furthermore, having at least two supporting persons is preferable to stuff your bean bag with this kit. It may also shrink the bean bag to five times in comparison to its original size.

Polythene sac or duffel bags will not be damaged because they have standard thickness. Love sac duffel bag has two cloth handles, making it easy for you to carry them.

Method 3. Budget-Friendly Technique to Move Bean Bag

This method is very much budget-friendly. In this method, you only need one of your buddies, two trash bags, and a vacuum machine.

Step 1: Get two huge garbage bags.

Step 2: Next, open the childproof zipper lock to remove the bean bag’s outer liner.

Step 3: Post that, and put as much foam as possible from the bean bag in the garbage bag.

Step 4: Then, shut and discard the garbage bag.

Step 5: Your bean bag chair is now rather small. As a result, re-zip it and place it in the garbage bag.

Step 6: Open the garbage bag and place the vacuum on top of it.

Step 7: Switch on the vacuum cleaner.

Step 8: Squeeze the garbage bag as tightly as possible.

Step 9: Wrap it in saran wrap.

Step 10: While compressing, keep the vacuum suction on.

Step 11: Lastly, swiftly remove the vacuum from the garbage bag. Then use saran wrap to close and wrap the rest of the garbage bag.

You can repeat the process with the second garbage bag filled with bean bag foams. However, to avoid foam from suckling into the vacuum pipe, add a sock at the end.

To avoid damage, it’s preferable to stuff this compressed bean bag into the box. Because garbage bags can be effortlessly damaged and then air pockets can form in the bean bag chair.

It may take you at least 1.5 to 2 hours to complete this job., it is better if you can put the bean bag chair in the box after shrinking it.

Wrap your bean bag properly to avoid any damage if you looking to use public transport. Please note that it is not right to tie bean bag chairs packed using this method to the vehicle hood area. 

Method 4. Remove Beans and Move the Bag Only

You can remove the bean bag fillings if they are not in an appropriate condition. The bean bag fillings should then be disposed of appropriately. This makes it easier for you to pack your bean bag chair. 

bean bag fillings

You don’t need to consider the space required to store the bean bag when using this method. This method is therefore the best if you have space problems. Once you’ve settled into a new place, you can refill the bean bag with new fillings. You can buy bean bag fillings from your local market.

Take Help from Professionals

If you’re having trouble packing and transporting bean bags on your own, you can seek assistance from professionals. Some organizations will assist you in moving your bean bag chair and other furniture from one location to another.

Simply leave this task to them. These organizations will use the best solution or approaches to move your bean bag. They’ll have a variety of options for safely transporting your bean bag chair.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Move a Bean Bag?

You can remove the filling, compress the bean bag, pack it in a box and move it. You can also move the bean bag without putting it in a box.

How Do I Unzip a Bean Bag?

Use a paper clip, put it in the children’s lock zipper and apply some force to unzip your bean bag.

How Frequently Should We Change Beans in the Bean Bag?

Once you feel that your bean bag is losing its shape or comfiness, you should change the beans of your bean bag.

How Do You Revive a Bean Bag Chair?

Simply shake your bean bag and you can easily revive your bean bag chair to its original shape.

How Do You Transfer Beans from One Beanbag to Another?

You can remove the beans from one bean bag, place them in a shopper, and put it in the other bean bag using a funnel to refill it.


So, that is how you can move a bean bag chair. You can easily transport your bean bag from one place to another using any of the methods that we have discussed in this guide. Which method do you think will work for you? Do let us know in the comments below.

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