Lovesac vs Comfy Sacks 2024 – Which Bean Bag is Right for You?

Lovesac vs Comfy Sacks 2024 – Which Bean Bag is Right for You?

There is no doubt that we all desire the perfect piece of furniture to relax on at the end of a tiring day. But often we are stuck between choosing two rivals with equal reliable features and prestige. That’s the exact dilemma I faced when picking between a Comfy Sack and Lovasac bean bags. Both offer bean bag chairs and sofas that promise to provide the ultimate lounging experience, but which is better?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Comfy Sack vs Lovesac, comparing their materials, sizes, prices, and overall customer satisfaction to help you decide which is right. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to curl up with a book or a comfy place to binge-watch your favorite shows, we’ve got you covered. So let’s get started.

Lovesac Comparison to Comfy Sacks in 2023 – Battle of the Bean Bags

Though Comfy sac is a great substitute for the Lovesac, there exist some differences between the two brands. One of the main differences between Comfy Sack and Lovesac is the materials used in their bean bags. Comfy Sack uses a type of foam filling that they call “comfy foam,” while Lovesac uses a proprietary foam they call “Durafoam.” 

Regardless of which is chosen, both Comfy Sack and Lovesac offer comfortable and stylish bean bag chairs that can add a cozy touch to any home. There are alternatives to Lovesac like Chill Sack as well as alternatives to Comfy Sacks like Jaxx but liking them depends on your personal preference.

Nevertheless, here is a comparison of both brands of bean bags in terms of a few factors to give you an idea of making the right choice according to your needs.

FactorsComfy SackLovesac
Size OptionsMultiple sizes available, ranging from 3ft to 8ftFew sizes available, ranging from 3ft to 6ft
MaterialMicrofiber, memory foam, shredded foam100% premium foam, Durafoam blend
Cover OptionsMultiple cover options available, including microsuede, fur, and velvetMultiple cover options available, including chenille, velvet, and leather
DurabilityLess durable and long-lastingExtremely durable and long-lasting
ComfortProvides good comfort and supportProvides excellent comfort and support
Price RangeAffordable, ranging from $150-$750 depending on size and cover optionExpensive, ranging from $875-$1650 depending on cover and size option
WarrantyComes with a 5-year warrantyComes with a lifetime warranty

Lovesac vs Comfy Sacks: Size

Another key difference between the two bean bags is the variety of sizes and shapes available. Comfy Sack offers a wider range of sizes and shapes, including large options that can fit multiple people.

Those looking for a more environmentally friendly option or a wider range of sizes may prefer Comfy Sack, while those who prioritize durability and customization may prefer Lovesac.

Lovesac, on the other hand, offers less number of sizes and focuses more on modular designs that can be reconfigured to fit different spaces and preferences.

Lovesac vs Comfy Sacks: Material

When it comes to comparing bean bags, their material matters the most as it can make or break your lounging experience. As a bean bag enthusiast, I understand it can affect the comfort, durability, and overall quality of the bean bag.

Choosing the right material is crucial in ensuring that you get the best value for your money and the most enjoyable lounging experience possible.

The comfy sacks are versatile and made to withstand weight with shredded foam and microsuede materials. The shredded foam boasts excellent durability, softness, and capability, and is resistant to permanent compression.

lovesac bean bag

However, it should be noted that the foam contours to your body shape, and requires fluffing after each use to maintain its original form.

Lovesac’s bean bag utilizes a specialized Durafoam blend that consists of recycled foam of the highest quality, rather than traditional beans or beads. Its constitution has two types of blends which include:

  • Soft foam that molds to your body and provides a cozy feel.
  • Firm foam that offers reliable support and maintains the sac’s shape, even after prolonged use. 

Lovesacs are ideal for long-term use as they have the ability to stay firm, and reliable and don’t sag with constant use. 

Lovesac vs Comfy Sacks: Price Point

The price of the bean bag is also a factor to consider in the Comfy Sack vs Lovesac comparison. Comfy Sack generally offers more affordable options, ranging from around $150 to $750.

Lovesac, on the other hand, is generally more expensive, with prices starting at around $875 and going up to several thousand dollars for their larger, more customizable options.

Lovesac vs Comfy Sacks: Usability and Comfort

When it comes to comfort and usability, I was a bit confused initially but with some research, I was able to map out a clear picture between the two types. When it comes to comfort and durability love sacs take the cake as their composition offers a flexible structure.

Whereas comfy sacks are easy to use and navigate. Why? Because they weigh less that makes them effortless to drag, move, and roll. Simply fluff the bean bag from time to time and voila! you are done. 

Lovesac vs Comfy Sacks: Washability

Nowadays everyone (including me) wishes for a machine washable cover. It reduces the load, time, and effort of individually handwashing them. The good news is that both Comfy Sack and Lovesac are machine washable. The steps to do so are simple:

  1. Take the bean bag and remove its cover by unzipping it. 
  2. Take the cover and place it in the machine for a single cycle, 
  3. Leave it in the open to dry.

Lovesac vs Comfy Sacks: Warranty

I found the Lovasac warranty to be a winner as it comes with a lifetime warranty. Likewise, their leather covers have a three-year warranty whereas the top-grain leather is entitled to a 5-year warranty.

comfy sack bean bag

Comfy sacks offer a simple solution as they offer a marvelous five-year warranty which includes all the seams and zippers for the cover.

As far as our recommendation is concerned, we like the Comfy Sacks memory foam bean bag chair due to its comfiness, affordability, and durability.

We also are a fan of the Comfy Sacks 6 memory foam bean bag lounger due to its supreme quality of fabric and the top-notch filler used to provide the ultimate comfort to the user.

Pros and Cons of Lovesac and Comfy Sacks


Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Lovesac bean bags that we noticed when we compared them to Chill Sacks, Ultimate Sack, Moon Pod, and other top brands:

Contains double zippers to secure the filling insideAvailable in limited designs for the Sactionals
Available in six different sizesCan be tiresome to the back over all periods of time
Machine-washableThey may flatten over time with the use
Lifetime guaranteeSome customers voiced concern over delivery experiences

Comfy Sack

Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of Comfy Sacks bean bags that we experienced upon comparing them to other brands:

Versatile – lie down or sit back to relaxComes unassembled
Filled with shredded space-age urethane foamSome customers find it to be a bit heavy
Portable Some customers complained about allergy issues 
Machine washable with a 5-year warrantyThe memory foam inside the sack has many pieces

Our Favourite Comfy Sacks

Our recommended option from Comfy Sacks is the Comfy Sacks memory foam bean bag.

Get This Comfy Sacks Bean Bag if You

  1. Want a lightweight, easy-to-use, and easy-to-move bean bag of a decent size
  2. Need a huggable bean bag to lay on
  3. Want to choose a color and fabric from a number of options
  4. Need a removable and washable microsuede cover
  5. Want high value for money
  6. Are a nursing mother and looking for a comfy place to sit and feed your baby
  7. Want to avail of a five-year warranty
Comfy Sacks memory foam bean bag

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lovesac Sacs Worth it?

Having tried numerous Lovesac alternatives such as the Ultimate Sack throughout the years, I can confidently attest that Lovesac is a genuine bean bag. The Lovesac sac has been praised for its comfort, durability, and versatility, as it can be arranged in various configurations to suit different needs.
While the Lovesac sac is certainly an investment, many customers have reported that it is worth the cost due to its high-quality materials and long lifespan. 

What is a Comfy Sack Filled with?

A Comfy Sack is filled with a specialized blend of foam. It is a  high-density, furniture-grade polyurethane foam that is shredded into small pieces to create a soft and comfortable feel when in use.
The foam is often preferred over traditional bean bag filling, which can be lumpy and uncomfortable over time.

Can You Sleep on a Lovesac?

Yes, it is possible to sleep on a Lovesac. Lovesacs are designed to be comfortable and supportive, making them a good option for sleeping.
However, it’s important to keep in mind that Lovesac sacs are not specifically designed for sleeping and may not provide the same level of support as a traditional mattress or bed.

Comfy Sacks vs Lovesac – The Choice is Yours!

In conclusion, the Comfy Sacks vs Lovesac bean bag comparison reveals that both brands have unique features and benefits that cater to different consumer needs. Comfy Sack is more affordable and eco-friendly, while Lovesac is more durable and customizable.

Ultimately, the decision between the two depends on individual preferences and budget. Both brands offer comfortable and stylish bean bag chairs that can elevate any home décor.

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