Yogibo vs Moon Pod Bean Bag Comparison in 2024

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Bean Bag Comparison in 2024

If you’re in the market for a comfortable bean bag, you’ve probably come across two popular brands that are Yogibo and Moon Pod. Both of these brands stand out from the crowd for various reasons. They offer a unique take on the traditional bean bag, with their own distinct features and benefits.

But choosing a bean bag from these brands that provides relaxation and comfort can be challenging. To help you out, we compared Yogibo vs Moon Pod to find a winner.

Overview of Yogibo vs Moon Pod

Before we compare Yogibo and Moon Pod, let’s have a brief overview of these bean bag manufacturers.


Yogibo is a well-known brand that specializes in bean bags and accessories. The brand has been around since 2009 when Eyal Levy, the CEO, and founder of the company, launched these bean bags.

They offer a variety of products, including bean bags that are mainly designed to help pregnant women comfortably sleep on them. The company’s first store became operational in Massachusetts in 2010. Since then, the company has opened more than 120 stores across the US.

Yogibo bean bags are designed to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation, which is why homeowners are a fan of these guys. They are made from a stretchy, durable fabric that conforms to your body for maximum comfort and is easy to clean.

People that suffer from anxiety, sensory difficulties, pain, and any other discomfort find these bean bags immensely helpful in getting cures for these problems. These highly versatile bean bags can be used in multiple positions, allowing you to sit, recline, or lay down.

They can be used for various activities, including gaming, lounging, reading, or even as a bed. Yogibo bean bag chairs are also very durable, as they are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last. They are filled with high-quality EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam beads. These microbeads allow the bean bag to conform to the shape of the user’s body, providing remarkable comfort and support.

Moon Pod

Moon Pod is another popular brand that offers innovative, ergonomic, and comfortable bean bag chairs. It is a newer brand in comparison to Yogibo which was founded by John Fiorentino in 2018. These bean bags are designed to mimic the feeling of zero gravity and floating in space, which provides maximum relaxation and comfort to the user.

Moon Pod bean bags are filled with high-density beads that provide optimal support and a supportive seating experience. The outer cover is made from a soft, stretchy material that is easy to clean. Moon Pod bean bag is designed to reduce pressure on your joints and boost relaxation.

They are extremely portable as well making them easy to move from one place to another. This makes these bean bags suitable for people who like to change their surroundings frequently. Furthermore, Moon Pod bean bags are also quite durable, as they are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last.

Yogibo versus Moon Pod 2024 – Bean Bag Comparison of Features

Now that we’ve gone through the overview of Yogibo and Moon Pod, let’s compare some of the key features of these two brands. Keep in mind that I will consider the Zero Gravity Moon Pod and Yogibo Max 6ft bean bag when discussing some of the factors.

Both have some similarities and differences which we will discuss below:

CriteriaYogiboMoon Pod
MaterialsStretchy cotton/spandex blend outer coverCotton/spandex/polyester blend outer cover
FillingHigh-density EPS blended microbeadsCustom density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) beads
SizesAvailable in various sizesAvailable in two sizes: Moon Pod (4ft) and Super Moon Pod (6ft)
ColorsAvailable in various colors and patternsAvailable in 5 colors
PricePrices vary depending on size and model; typically range from 129$ and goes up to above 500$$299 
WarrantyLimited one-year warrantyLimited three-five-year warranty
ShippingFree shipping on all orders Free shipping on orders over $125
Return Policy14-day return policy14-day return policy

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Similarities: Comfort

The first feature to compare is comfort and support. Yogibo and Moon Pod, both brands are almost equally comfortable and supportive, offering a unique and fluffy seating experience. The same kind of cotton and spandex blend is used to make their fabric.

Plus, the filler is also similar; EPS beads are used to fill these bean bags. This makes Yogibo and Moon Pod bean bags equally comfortable and supportive for the users. People with lower back pain, and neck or shoulder pain would love these bean bags as they do a fantastic job of alleviating back, shoulder, or neck pain.

But due to different shapes and sizes of Yogibo and Moon Pod, one might prefer a bean bag over the other. But it is just personal preference and definitely not a deal breaker. I will give equal points to both of these brands for support and comfort.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Similarities: Care and Maintenance

Both bean bags offer removable machine-washable covers. This means they are very easy to clean. So, if they get dirty, it should not be a serious problem for you. Plus, you can spot-clean them with a damp cloth with a mild cleaning solution. The only downside of the Moon Pod bean bag cover is that you may need a helping hand to put the outer shell back on the bean bag.

Yogibo bean bags may require fluffing over time but Moon Pod bean bags don’t need any sort of fluffing even after using them for long hours.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Similarities: Versatility

Now let’s talk about versatility. Both bean bags also perform well in this department. You can use these Yogibo or Moon Pod bean bags to use in many positions such as laying down, reclining, or sitting.

Plus, you can also sleep on them throughout the night. This makes these bean bags an awesome choice for people looking for a versatile bean bag that can be used for almost anything.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Similarities: Durability

The next factor is durability. Both Moon Pod and Yogibo do a fine job with this feature. They both will last longer and can withstand heavy use over time with ease.

The high-quality materials used to make their covers are strong enough to last for many years to come, even with frequent use. So, you don’t have to worry about your investment being wasted from a durability point of view. But when compared, Yogibo is somewhat more durable than Moon Pod.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Similarities: Weight Limit

There is no weight limit defined for these bean bags. Plus, the big Moon Pod and Yogibo bean bags can easily support up to three persons.

The Moon Pod bean bag can support more than 300 lbs of weight (a person weighing up to 300 lbs can use it). So, you can purchase the Super Moon Pod or Yogibo Max to accommodate 2 or 3 users at a time – perfect for parties!

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Similarities: Pet-Friendliness

We love pets, we all do. So, we do look for a bean bag as a happy place for our furry companions. You would be glad to know that the bean bags of both of these brands are pet-friendly. They won’t be damaged by their paws, claws, or nails. Your four-legged partners will love and will be satisfied with these bean bags.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Similarities: Returns

Both brands offer 14 day of the return policy. After 14 days, you can return the bean bag under any condition. So, if you are not satisfied with the bean bag or it has any problem, you should return it within 14 days.

Plus, you need to pay the shipping charges and re-stocking charges (25% fees for Yogibo) along with the cost of the damaged accessories or parts. This means you will get the returned amount of the product minus these charges.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Similarities: Environment-Friendly

Moon Pod and Yogibo fillings are of EPS beads which are environment-friendly. Moon Pod has an edge over Yogibo in terms of recycling materials to help reduce waste. The manufacturing materials of Moon Pod can be recycled, thanks to their partnership with a sustainable manufacturer. Such partnership is missing from the Yogibo side.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Differences: Weight and Portability

The first factor that differentiates Yogibo and Moon Pod is weight and portability. When it comes to weight and portability, Moon Pod bean bags have an edge over Yogibo bean bags. Moon Pod zero gravity bean bag weighs only 12 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to move. It is suitable for those who frequently relocate from place to place.

Yogibo bean bags’ weight varies from size to size. But the one that can be compared is the Yogibo Max 6ft bean bag. It weighs 19 pounds. They are heavier and require more energy and effort to move them. Though they are also portable, they require extra effort.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Differences: Variety

Yogibo offers 10 different styles of bean bags in 30 different colors and styles such as luxury, indoors, and outdoors. Plus, they also have done partnership with Disney to launch various bean bags inspired by their movies such as Star Wars.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Differences: Price

Price is another factor that separates these bean bags. Yogibo bean bags are generally more expensive than Moon Pod bean bags. This is due in part to their wide range of sizes, shapes, and unique design features. But the Moon Pod bean bag offers higher value for money in comparison to the Yogibo bean bag.

Yogibo starts from 129$ and goes up to above 500$. Moon Pod bean bags are priced at 299$. The Yogibo zero gravity bean bag, which costs 299$, is just over 4 ft in size and Yogibo 6ft bean bag also costs 299$.   

Yogibo bean bags are best for those who want to invest in something that can handle a large number of people. Whereas Moon Pod bean bags are more affordable options, making them a great choice for people who are on a budget. Though some homeowners find Moon Pod to be overpriced or ridiculously expensive, I think for the features it offers, this high-end bean bag is somewhat fairly priced.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Differences: Shape

The shapes of Yogibo and Moon Pod bean bags are different. The Yogibo bean bag looks like a long, rectangular pillow. Whereas the Moon Pod bean bag resembles a bean.

Both bean bags can be squashed, squished, and squeezed into a number of different positions to turn them into a lounger, chair, or bed. They go back to their original shape upon lifting weight from them. Nevertheless, both shapes are good enough to provide decent support and comfort to the user.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Differences: Size

Moon Pod bean bag comes in two sizes: Zero Gravity bean bag and Super bean bag.

  • Moon Pod Zero Gravity bean bag is approximately 50-56 inches long x 20-24 inches high x 20-24 inches wide
  • Big-sized Super Moon Pod is approximately 50-56 inches in height 40-48 inches in wide x 40-48 inches in depth

The size of the Yogibo 6ft bean bag is 61.81 inches deep x 26.77 inches wide x 24.8 inches height.

You can easily sit, recline, or lay on both of these bean bags. But as the Yogibo is bigger than Moon Pod, your legs can be placed on it when laying on it. Whereas if you lay or recline on the Moon Pod, your legs may not be placed on the bean bag’s surface.

It is one of the downsides of the Moon Pod bean bag but not a big one for customers. Anyway, to solve this short-length issue of the bean bag and support and raise your legs up, you can get the Moon Pod Lunar Lift Footrest for bean bag chair.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod Differences: Warranty

Yogibo and Moon Pod offer a 1-year warranty on the seams and zippers of the cover. Moon Pod offers 3-5 years of warranty for its other products. So, if you are looking for longer coverage, Moon Pod should be your go-to option.

But the customers have said in the reviews that they didn’t face any issues when claiming a warranty for both brands. In fact, most of the customers didn’t find any need to claim a warranty.

Super Moon Pod vs Yogibo Max Review

Have doubts between the Yogibo Max vs Super Moon Pod? If so, this side-by-side comparison of the two premium bean bags will help you make the right decision.

The Super Moon Pod and the Yogibo Max are the best options if you’re in search of a cushioned alternative that has comfort and aesthetic appeal. Both choices provide the ideal bases for pillow forts.

The design, function, and cost of the Yogibo Max and Super Moon Pod are closely comparable. They are both excellent for your back, which is what you will be looking for most in a bean bag like these ones. 

The Super Moon Pod was developed in order to let the users enjoy the experience of flotation therapy. Your usual office chair does not give the same sensation for sure.

Differences begin to show up in the variety of sizes and colors. Considering that the Super Moon Pod is a chair, it is obviously thought of as an addition to your current couch or loveseat.

The Yogibo Max, on the other hand, can be made into a bed. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors, which is advantageous for individuals who want to match their furniture with their living room. 

Get The Yogibo Max If You

  • Want to accommodate up to 4 people at a time
  • Are pregnant and looking for a nice way to chill out while you read a book or watch tv or 
  • Want a seating palace to alleviate pressure points on your neck and back
  • Want a bean bag that can act as a chair and a bed 
  • Need something that is lightweight and space efficient
  • Want free shipping on the bean bag
  • Need a range of 16 different colors to choose from to customize the area
yogibo max bean bag
Yogibo Max

Get The Super Moon Pod Along With Footrest If You

  • Want a lightweight bean bag that is easy to move
  • Need different colors to customize
  • Want to enjoy the sensation of flotation therapy while resting, relaxing, or meditating  
  • Want to get relief from stress and back pain in your body
  • Want to sit, lie, and recline on a bean bag to enjoy customizable comfort
  • Need a versatile and easy-to-assemble option
  • Are looking for a bean bag with a removable washable cover
super moon pod bean bag
Super Moon Pod

Moon Pod Footrest

moon pod footrest
Moon Pod Footrest

Is there a Dispute Between Yogibo and Moon Pod?

Nine years after the Yogibo hit the market, Fiorentino, CEO of Moon Pod, was claiming to have created this form of zero-gravity bean bag chair on his own, which led to the dispute between the Moon Pod and Yogibo. Levy objected to this claim and contacted his attorneys.

At the time the Moon Pod was introduced, the Yogibo was not covered by a patent, but Levy had submitted a patent application and been informed that it had been accepted.

Levy and Fiorentino are presently engaged in a waiting game. Moon Pod has received a cease and desist notice from Levy’s lawyers, but it has gone unanswered. However direct statements from his marketing materials reveal a different story. Fiorentino claims he never claimed to have invented the bean bag chair. In any event, it appears that this conflict will end up in court.

Yogibo Alternative

Some of the best Yogibo competitors or alternatives are as follows:

  • Chill Sack
  • Lovesac
  • Ultimate Sack
  • Moon Pod
  • Sofa Sack

Moon Pod Alternative

Some of the best Moon Pod competitors or alternatives are as follows:

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Moon Pod Actually Comfortable?

Yes, a Moon Pod is very comfortable and completely conforms to your body.

How Long do Yogibos last?

Yogibos can last for at least one year. It lasts for more than one year with ease.

What is Similar to Moon Pod?

Bean bag brands similar to Moon Pod are as follows:
Big Joe
Sofa Sack
Pottery Barn

Is a Yogibo Worth It?

Yes, a Yogibo is definitely worth it and provides high value for money.

Yogibo vs Moon Pod – Which One is Best for You?

If you ask me, I like the Yogibo Max bean bag and it is the undisputed champion. It is bigger in size, is suitable for sleeping, and can be used for reclining while having a cup of coffee. Plus, it is somewhat affordable.

The Moon Pod bean bag, on the other hand, also gives strong competition to the Yogibo bean bag. It has more value for money, an out-of-the-box shape, and a fine-quality fabric. Plus it also offers other accessories including the neck rest and footrest for providing extra support and comfort.

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