Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack 2024: Which Bean Bag is Best?

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack 2024: Which Bean Bag is Best?

When it comes to high-end bean bags, two big names that pop up in our minds among many others are Ultimate Sack and Lovesac. Both of these big boys offer premium bean bags having multiple features such as comfy fabric, durable fillings, protective zipper lock, and more. When someone decides to buy a bean bag for their family, they might end up in confusion between these two brands.

Some admire Lovesac while others are a fan of Ultimate Sack bean bags. But the truth is that both of these brands have some differences which make them more attractive depending on the given circumstances. To help you decide whether you should replace it with your Lovesac sac or not, which one is best suited to your family, and which option fulfills your indoor or outdoor seating demands, here is an in-depth comparison of Ultimate Sack vs Lovesac bean bag chairs.

Ultimate Sack vs Lovesac Bean Bags: Which One to Choose?

When we compare ultimate sack with other bean bag companies such as Big Joe, it does give solid competition to them. But in comparison with Lovesac, it looks like Ultimate Sack lacks in multiple departments.

Although there are not many significant differences except for a few, it can still be hard to choose between the two. To make things easy for you, here are some of the most crucial factors that you must consider when buying a new big bean bag:

FactorsWhich Brand is Better?
ColorsUltimate Sack
Shipping TimeUltimate Sack

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Quality

The first factor which I will be comparing is the quality of the bean bags. The quality of Lovesac bean bags is far better than Ultimate Sack bean bags. It is because of the premium fabric cover and material used to manufacture the Lovesac bean bags.


Lovesac bean bags can bear wear and tear when dragging them from one place to another, scratches from pets, used for outdoor sitting, and other rough use. The ultimate sack’s fabric cover might end up being ruined when used roughly.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Warranty

The second factor to discuss is the warranty of the bean bags. It can be a decision-making factor for you. Lovesac offers a lifetime warranty for its bean bags whereas Ultimate Sack only offers a 10-year warranty for its bean bags. So, if you are looking to invest in a bean bag that has given you a guarantee for life, a bean bag from Lovesac is your way to go.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Longevity

Longevity is a key difference between the two brands. Lovesac bean bags tend to last for a much longer time in comparison to Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs. Even after 20 years of use, the bean bags of Lovesac feel as good as new. Even if it breaks down due to any reason, the lifetime warranty has got you covered.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Stitching

The next point to compare is the stitching of the bean bags. The stitching is the biggest difference between the two. There is simply no comparison of the stitching of Lovesac bean bags. Although the stitching of Ultimate Sack bean bags is fine as well, the stitching of Lovesac sacs is just next level. 

You will get excellent back support as the foam gets pushed up because of the way the bean bags are stitched. The stitching gives amazing comfort and creates different shapes of bean bags, thus making it a great seating choice.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Flatness

When a Lovesac bean bag and a bean bag from the Ultimate Sack are compared from the flatness point of view, the one from Lovesac performs better. A bean bag from Lovesac tends to maintain its shape even after using it for many years.

It does not become flat even after being used for a long time. Also, a Lovesac bean bag holds its shape far better during use than Ultimate Sack. 

the Ultimate Sack bean bag requires frequent fluffing. You need to turn it, kick it, and punch it at different spots before you jump into it for laying down.

If you are lazy and don’t bother re-fluffing it every day, you should go for a Lovesac bean bag. Sometimes, you also might need to fluff the Lovesac bean bag but not as often as Ultimate Sack bean bags.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Comfort

Lovesac bean bags are more comfortable than ultimate sack bean bags. Though there is not a significant difference in the comfort they provide, still Lovesac bean bag chairs are ahead of the game if your main concern is comfort.

Also, you can easily sleep in a Lovesac bean bag. You will wake up sore if you try to do the same in the Ultimate Sack.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Fillings

The next point to discuss in this comparison is the fillings of both of the bean bags. The fillings of Lovesac bean bags are of better quality than that of the Ultimate Sack. They don’t get compressed easily and maintain their quality.

This makes them ideal for lounging or sleeping. The filling material of Ultimate Sack bean bags has room for improvement. That’s why they are not the ideal option for sleeping or lounging.

The filling of Lovesac called Durafoam fillings is their invention and is patented.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Sizes

Both Lovesac and Ultimate Sack bean bags come in different sizes varying from small ones to huge-sized bean bag chairs. When we compare the biggest sizes of both bean bags, Lovesac beats Ultimate Sack. 

When it comes to Lovesac sizes, the biggest bean bag offered by Lovesac is called The BigOne and has dimensions of 72 inches width and 49 inches height.

The biggest size that Ultimate Sack offers is called the Ultimate Sack 6000 bean bag chair and has a size equal to 60 inches in width and 34 inches in height.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Price

Both bean bags are available at different price ranges. Lovesac bean bags are surely more expensive than ultimate sack ones. The price of Lovesac bean bags starts from $875 up to $1,650. Whereas the price of Ultimate Sack bean bags starts from $59 up to $359. The premium price for Lovesac is completely understandable. 

They are definitely worth the money for the quality they offer. However, if you are tight on budget and are looking for a decent bean bag at a lower price tag, you can go for the ones from Ultimate Sack.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Colors

When it comes to the variety of colors, Ultimate Sack gives more options than Lovesac. Lovesac also offers beautiful colors but their variety is not wide. A wide range of bean bag colors is useful in matching the interior of your home to create an aesthetically appealing vibe. If choosing a matching color is your priority, Ultimate Sack is your option to consider.


Also, the color fabric combinations are more available in the bean bags of Ultimate Sack in comparison to Lovesac. Both brands offer good bean bag fabric options. But the touch of Lovesac fabrics feels more premium and of high quality as compared to Ultimate Sack.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack: Shipping Time

The shipping time of Lovesac is 1-4 weeks whereas Ultimate Sack delivers its bean bags in a few days only. So, if you are looking to get your bean bag in a short period of time, you should get yourself an Ultimate Sack bean bag.

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack Bean Bags Comparison

FeaturesUltimate SackLovesac
Shipping time

2 weeks
1-4 weeks
Cover CleaningSpecial care may be requiredMachine washable
PriceStarts from $59 up to $359Starts from $875 up to $1,650
Warranty10 yearsLifetime
Shape RetentionBadGood
Return Time Period15 Days60 Days

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultimate Sack and Lovesac

Apart from my personal experience, According to the customer reviews of Lovesac and the user reviews of Ultimate sack bean bags, there are good and bad things about both of these bean bags.

Here are some of the positive and negative sides of both brands:

Ultimate Sack


  • Value for Money: In contrast to other bean bag manufacturers, Ultimate Sack provides a good balance of comfort, affordability, and durability.
  • Comfort: Bean bags from Ultimate Sack are renowned for having a soft, velvety fill that maximizes user pleasure and relaxation.
  • Versatility: Ultimate Sack offers a number of sizes and styles for their bean bags in order to accommodate a variety of tastes and places, including living rooms and dorm rooms.
  • Durability: As they are composed of high-quality materials, the bean bags are guaranteed to last for many years and can survive frequent use.
  • Easy to Clean: The bean bags’ covers can be machine washed, making it simple to maintain their pristine appearance.
  • Delivery Time: You will receive your bean bag in no time.


  • Weight: Larger Ultimate Sack bean bags can often be rather heavy, making it challenging to carry or transport them.
  • Filling: Some users complain that the bean bags don’t maintain their form as well as they’d want or that they must gradually add additional filling to keep the proper amount of support.
  • Size: It can be challenging to find the ideal fit for your room depending on the size of the bean bag because it might be too small or big to be placed in the available space.



  • Comfort: Lovesac bean bags have a plush, soft fill, which gives users relaxation and comfiness.
  • Durability: Lovesac makes its bean bags from premium materials, guaranteeing that they will last a lifetime and can survive frequent usage.
  • Washable: Lovesac offers covers for bean bags that can be washed in a washing machine.
  • Customizability: Lovesac offers fashionable, stylish, and chic bean bags that will make your living room or bedroom look very appealing.
  • Eco-friendly: Bean bags from Lovesac are made of environmentally friendly materials, making them a more sustainable option for customers who care about the environment.


  • Limited Color Options: Lovesac offers a small range of colors and fabrics that might not be enough to satisfy everyone’s preferences. The colors might not coordinate with other furniture or home decor.
  • Shipping Time: The shipping time of Lovesac bean bags is quite a lot.
  • Price: It is a premium bean bag brand. The price of Lovesac bean bags is quite high.

Our Favourite Ultimate Sack

Our recommended Ultimate Sack bean bag is the Ultimate Sack 6000 bean bag.

Get This Ultimate Sack Bean Bag if You

  1. Want a fun, comfy, and durable bean bag of a giant size
  2. Need an affordable option
  3. Want to choose a color and fabric from a plethora of options
  4. Need a removable and interchangeable cover
  5. Want an easy-to-clean bean bag
  6. Are looking for a bean bag with a waterproof inner lining
  7. Want free shipping within the continental US
Ultimate Sack 6000 bean bag

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Better than Lovesac?

When it comes to Lovesac vs other bean bags, there are multiple options. Bean bags from Ultimate Sack, Cordaroy, Chill Sack, and Big Joe are great options to consider if you are looking for a bean bag similar to that of Lovesac.

Is There a Competitor to Lovesac?

The following are the competitors of Lovesac with whom it can be compared:
Big Joe
Ultimate Sack
Chill Sack

Is Ultimate Sack a Legit Site?

Yes, Ultimate Sack is a legit site that provides bean bags for kids, grown-ups, adults, and families.

How Long Does it Take for an Ultimate Sack to Expand?

It takes 2 to 3 days for an Ultimate Sack to expand fully.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Lovesac?

Following are the cheaper alternatives to Lovesac:
Chill Sack
Ultimate Sack
Big Joe

Lovesac Bean Bags are Better Than Ultimate Sack Bean Bags

Our final verdict on the comparison of Ultimate Sack vs Lovesac bean bag is that Lovesac bean bags are far better than Ultimate Sack bean bags. We can clearly see the domination of the brand according to the factors that we discussed in this comparison. Lovesac is a premium bean bag brand whose price is quite high. Whereas Ultimate Sack is a cheaper alternative to Lovesac for bean bag chairs. 

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