Top Bean Bag Brands for Kids and Adults in 2024

Top Bean Bag Brands for Kids and Adults in 2024

Bean bags are cozy, relaxing, comfy, and cool to sink into furniture for Netflix and chill nights. There are a plethora of comfortable, reliable, economical, and attractive options from different companies to choose from. This can make it hard for anyone to make an ideal purchase decision. But the question is: what are the best bean bag brands?

In this guide, we talked about more than 20 best bean bag brands that will impress any beanbag-chair enthusiast. All of the listed brands offer the very best seating options for every different type of individual and place.

 Let’s find out more about them and what they have to offer.

21 Best Bean Bag Brands of 2024

Manufacturers make all sorts of bean bags for their customers. You can buy one of the most awesome seating options from these best bean bag chair brands:


If you’ve never heard of Cordaroy’s bean bag chairs, you’re missing out. They began creating their unique bean bags as a result of being able to still feel the interior of regular bean bags. They thus created Cordaroy.

cordaroy bean bag
Photo Credits: Cordaroy

Because their bean bag covers are machine washable, you won’t have to worry about ketchup and oil stains. This company created a bean bag that can convert into a bed. On their bean bags and covers, they also provide a lifetime guarantee and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


Lovesac manufactures modern bean bags. The first eight-foot bean bag chair was created in 1995 by the Lovesac creator in the basement of his parent’s home. Using the original nylon sac developed in 1995, he launched his firm in 1998. Lovesac now manages 59 retail locations across the US.

Extremely cozy dura foam-filled sacs are their unique invention. There are currently a variety of Lovesac-related accessories available, including the moviesac, the original Lovesac bean bag, action figures, sacs, and sac covers, which are reliable and super easy to clean.

Lovesac bean bag
Photo Credits: Lovesac

Their most recent couch is particularly versatile because its components can be taken apart and used individually. Don’t forget to look at their colorful indoor and outdoor bean bags. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on their sactionals.


A bean bag transformer, Yogibo. No other bean bag adapts to your body posture by making some little tweaks. You’re covered by Yogibo. Throw them anywhere you want. For your dorm room, gaming room, kid’s room, and living room, your Yogibo can become a bed, chair, recliner, and sofa.

Their bean bags are surprisingly portable and light, meaning they can be moved from one room to another with little to no effort.

Yogibo Bean bag
Photo Credits: Yogibo

Yogibo bean bags can be positioned in a small space when not in use. It’s okay to say, “Jump on the bean bag” as they can bear a great deal of sudden pressure. Additionally, Yogibo sells bean bag chair covers. The covers for the Yogibo bean bag quickly zip off for washing.

The fact that they won’t be harmed for a while makes these covers very soft but also strong. Each cover’s zippers and seams are covered by a one-year warranty to assure uninterrupted relaxation.


Fatboy is a well-known brand in the bean bag industry that provides indoor and outdoor seating solutions for homes and businesses. They have been on the market for almost 20 years. Fatboy’s adventure began in 2002 with the help of an extraordinarily large beanbag.

It soon became clear that everyone wanted to chill out by using this inventive chair in place of the conventional one.

fatboy bean bag
Photo Credits: Fatboy

Fatboy bean bag is something that catches the eyes of everyone in no time. It takes months of planning, creating, testing, and developing to make their bean bags. Fatboy accomplishes this with the help of its design team and designers who share the business’s mission.

Together, they produce brand-new works of art of the highest grade with the hope that you will cherish them for a very long time.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is another well-known brand in the bean bag market. They have been around for about 70 years. Bean bags are sold with unique designs that are crafted by hand from original materials. They make bean bag chairs that are strong and can last for many years.

pottery barn bean bag
Photo Credits: Pottery Barn

In addition to bean bags, they also sell bean bag covers made of high-quality fabric. Their specialty is a bean bag made of faux fur. Plus, Pottery barn bean bags are very simple to open.

Ultimate Sac

The business is most known for its enormous bean bags. The 3, 4, 5, and 6-foot bean bags from Ultimate Sac are available for persons of various heights and shapes. Their bean bag covers are exquisitely crafted and of the highest caliber.

ultimatesac bean bag
Photo Credits: Ultimatesac

Additionally, you are permitted to bring bean bags from this brand for your pets. If you have children, giving them bean bags from the Ultimate Sac brand is a terrific idea. In terms of accomplishments, they have produced bean bags for numerous significant and reputable businesses.

Sumo Lounge

Sumo Lounge produces some of the best and biggest bean bags in the United States. They guarantee total customer satisfaction and pleasure. You will appreciate the variety of shapes their bean bags can take, including chairs, couches, and loungers. Their bean bag lounger is one of a kind, so make sure to check it out.

sumo lounge bean bag brand
Photo Credits: Sumo Lounge

The interiors of these classic chair alternatives are built with high-density EPS beads, which also resemble tiny styrofoam beads. If you’re hunting for something versatile on a reasonable budget, have a look at these bean bags.

Comfy Sacks

Comfy Sacks has a lot more options than other bean bag manufacturers. In addition to providing bean bags of higher quality, their prices are lower than those of other brands. Their bean bags are affordable, long-lasting, and suitable for any budget.

comfy sacks bean bag
Photo Credits: Comfy Sacks

Look for one of their products, the Comfy Sacks ottoman. Foam is used as the stuffing in their bean bags, which come in a wide range of colors and are cozy for the entire family. Additionally, bean bag chairs come in various sizes to accommodate persons of any height and age.


Jaxx should be your first choice if you’re looking for large bean bags. They also offer one of the biggest bean bags from the lot. This manufacturer also sells bean bags for outdoor use and for children.

Jaxx bean bag
Photo Credits: Jaxx

Likewise, Jaxx has spent numerous hours and resources making sure that its bean bag supports the body posture of its users and is as comfortable as regular furniture without being stiff or immovable. Jaxx’s product line is flexible enough to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of customers. You may use these bean bags as mattresses, couches, and chairs.

Big Joe

A Big Joe bean bag appeals to everyone, right? We are a fan of their huge seating options. The Big Joe bean bags are a piece of the cheap furniture set. They also promise to be quick, efficient, useful, and fairly priced. The company has invested a lot of time exploring fresh bean bag chair concepts. They also come with an easy-to-open zipper.

Big Joe bean bag
Photo Credits: Big Joe

Their most recent bean bags are made from FUF, an exceptionally soft foam. They have also unveiled a range of outdoor furniture, a loveseat, and a media lounge in addition to their other products.

Bean Bag City

Another excellent brand to get bean bag chairs is Bean Bag City. The company’s primary product is bean bags, which come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and features. Its objective has always been to create the most resilient, flexible, cuddly, and comfy bean chair at a price that won’t break the bank.

What more could you ask for? Since they use materials intended for commercial use, all of their bean bags are durable. The advantage of their bean bags is that each of their seats allows you to sit in one of five positions!

Sofa Sack

Sofa Sack provides bean bags for kids, adults, teenagers, students, and big people. Their bean bag chairs come in all sizes and shapes. These bean bag chairs are perfect for college students. They can sit on them to relax and study calmly. Whatsmore, they are big enough to accommodate roommates and friends.

Sofa Sack bean bag
Photo Credits: Sofa Sack

Whether you’re looking for a cozy nook to relax by yourself or wish to share a place with your family, their bean bags are perfect. Sofa sack oversized bean bags are some of the biggest ones available in the market. You won’t find anything like them online or in stores.

Chill Sack

This particular beanbag brand offers seating options filled with memory foam, which promotes relaxation and comfort. Because of the variety of shades available, you can simply match it to your décor.

Chill Sack bean bag
Photo Credits: Chill Sack

Their bean bag chairs are made of top-quality, double-stitched microfiber that resists stains, making them durable, soft reliable, and simple to maintain to keep them looking good as new. If you are looking for luxury bean bag chairs for adults, you cannot skip this brand.

Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture provides a wide range of high-quality bean bags at reasonable price tags. Residential and business consumers rely on them for getting bean bags for quite some time now. They are one of the industry leaders for more than 20 years providing the best assortment of bean bag chair styles at affordable pricing.

Flash furniture bean bag
Photo Credits: Flash Furniture

For every room in your house or place of business, they provide bean bags for adults along with their covers that strike the ideal mix between function and form. Likewise, with stores located all around the United States, they can quickly bring their seating options to your door.

Cozy Sack

Another top-of-the-line bean bag brand, Cozy Sack has been in the business since 1971.  

The company offers a complete line of giant bean bags and classic covers at unbelievably economical rates. They are mainly known for their cozy foam giant bean bags which are a great substitute for the traditional big bean bag.

Cozy sacks
Photo Credits: Cozy Sacks

People who are looking for versatile bean bag options can look into their collection. They provide value, comfort, and quality in their bean bags.


This bean bag manufacturer makes bean bags, especially for kids. Their bean bags for children are out-of-the-box, stylish, and fun. They also provide safety for kids in their bean bags to save them from accidents.

Photo Credits: ECR4Kids

There are tons of other kid-friendly features in their bean bag chairs, including double zippers for securing fillings, stitching, and more, that ensures they last long. Their bean bag covers are also worth a shot as they are made up of leather, are effortless to clean, and are stain-resistant.

Christopher Knight Home

Christopher knight home offers bean bags in modern design and a variety of colors. Their line of bean bags comes in different sizes to suit the body posture of people of every age. Not only that, the covers are easily removable and washable.

christopher knight home
Photo Credits: Christopher Knight Home

The bean bag filling that they use is of excellent quality and lasts for many years to come. Often bean bags go flat after being used for some time. But that is not the case with this brand. It is another advantage of their bean bag chairs that they don’t get flat and retain their shape. 

Posh Creations

Posh creations provide various types of bean bags under one roof. Their bean bags come in small, medium, and large sizes. The aesthetically designed bean bag covers allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Posh creations bean bag
Photo Credits: Posh Creations

Their line of bean bag chairs is for kids, teenagers, and grown-ups. Kids usually love bean bags from posh creations as they can play with them. So, people who are in search of bean bag chairs for teens must give these bad boys a shot.


Fugu bean bags are foam-filled ones that can easily return to their original shape with a simple fluff after using them. The bean bag filling used in them is going highest grade which provides maximum comfort.

fugu bean bag
Photo Credits: Fugu

Their bean bag cover can be washed in a machine which allows you to clean them easily. They might be heavy but can be moved easily from room to room.

Lumaland Luxury

Lumalnad luxury is mainly known for big-size bean bags. Their oversized bean bags are also a talk in the market. You can sink into them and be comfortable while using them. Their 7 feet bean bags offer an ample amount of space and can accommodate the whole family with ease.

lumaland luxury
Photo Credits: Lumaland Luxury

Their bean bags come in a huge range of bright colors. Lumaland luxury bean bags have high-class foam that makes provides warmth, support, and comfort.

Moon Pod

Moon pod bean bags give you a zero gravity feeling. Their collection of bean bags is very versatile and is available in the latest eye-catching designs.

moon pod bean bag
Photo Credits: Moon Pod

Their covers are easily removable which makes it super easy to clean them. In addition to that, they are very lightweight which allows you to move them from one place to another without a hassle. 

Best Bean Bag Brands in India of 2024

India is also a well-known place where the demand for bean bags is increasing day by day. Some of the top-rated bean bag brands in India include:

  • Orka Solimo
  • Madaar Homez
  • Sattva
  • Hellostar
  • Couchette Bean Bag

Eco-Friendly and Non-Organic Bean Bag Chair Brands

Eco-friendly and nonorganic bean bag chairs are the talk of the town in recent days. Therefore some brands offer these environmentally friendly bean bags to protect the environment. These brands are:

  • Carolina Morning
  • Cloud Makers
  • Pottery Barn
  • Brentwood Home Play Couch
  • Home Luxury Boutique
  • Looping Home
  • My Beanside Style

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bean Bag Filling Is Best?

The best bean bag filling is expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads and foam. Determining the bean bag’s quality and durability requires understanding the bean bag filling and the bag’s material.
Most high-quality bean bags are stuffed with buckwheat or expanded polystyrene (EPS) pellets.
Given that natural beans are heavier and more expensive, we advise choosing EPS or foam of good quality.

Which Bean Bag Is Best for Kids?

Bean bags from ECR4Kids, Cozy Sac, Yogibo, and Moon Pod are best for kids. Their bean bag chairs are specially made while keeping the needs of children in mind.

What Is the Best Bean Bag Brand?

Some of the best brands of bean bags are Yogibo, Big Joe, Jaxx, Moon Pod, Chill Sac, and Posh Creations.

Are Bean Bags Still Popular?

Yes, bean bags are still popular. Over the past few years, bean bags have seen a comeback in popularity as a result of businesses attempting to recruit younger staff with more relaxed and informal office decor and college students transforming their dorm rooms into makeshift residences.
In other words, these seating options are no longer limited to children and hence, will never go out of fashion.

Are Bean Bags in Style?

Yes, bean bags are in style. They have made a comeback in the past few years and it is predicted that they will replace the spot of classical chairs in the coming years.


So that was everything about the best bean bag brands of the present time. We have talked about some of the most popular and booming bean bag companies that are trusted by everyone.

You can look into their collection and choose an option that matches your needs. We hope this piece of writing will play a useful role in your selection of a bean bag.

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