Cool Bean Bag Living Room Ideas in 2023

Cool Bean Bag Living Room Ideas in 2023

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to decorate your living room? If so, you may want to consider using a bean bag chair. Bean bags can be a great way to add comfort and style to your living room. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find one that perfectly suits your home.

Bean bags are affordable and easy to move around, perfect for small spaces. These compact, accessible, and genius accessories are ideal for decorating your living room. Now without further ado let’s check out the latest living room ideas with bean bags.

9 Modern Living Room with Bean Bag Ideas

Let’s get to the point now. Different types of bean bags can be used to decorate a house in various ways. Here is a definitive list of the best ideas for a living room with comfy bean bags for your home.

We are confident you would love to try one of these living room bean bag ideas to modify the interior of your home. We have also discussed some unique bean bag corner ideas that will level up your interior decor game.

living room having bean bag

1. Add Texture to a Space

The fabric of bean bag chairs can affect how you feel about sitting in them, but it also affects what designs are available to match your home. Americans typically have an interior style made up primarily of wood and metal.

Add Texture to a Space

A denim-colored chair would work well with this type of design, whereas if someone were trying for a luxury look, they might choose silk or cotton fabrics. These materials provide more flair than another plain old piece. 

The pieces for bean bag living room decor consist of multiple materials such as plastic pellets inside the cushioning core that provide another layer of comfort and relation. 

2. With Shape, You Can Be Creative

The bean bag is a popular item these days as you can find them in tons of different sizes and shapes, from circular to zigzag.

Some people prefer the more sophisticated look of an elliptical or even slightly raised back on their lounger so that they don’t feel too comfortable sitting down for hours at a time – but it’s up to you what kind of furniture suits your needs best-concerning style preferences.

With Shape, You Can Be Creative

It’s essential to keep in mind that a lot has changed concerning bean bag living room design. So you need to decide firsthand which bean bag shapes complement and correspond with your living space. 

3. Wall Art for a Better View

The bean bag chair is the perfect spot to relax after a long day. Bean bags alone can’t do everything, so you need to pair them with some plants and art for a relaxing experience.

Bean bag with Wall Art for a Better View

The bean bag is an excellent addition to any room in the house. But, if you want it to be even more enjoyable for your family members and guests, try adding some plants or art nearby.

4. Go for Colors that Complement Each Other

Bean bags have come a long way from their roots as simple bean-filled cushions to today’s brightly colored, more mainstream versions that can work with almost any interior design.

Their expansion into new styles means you’re not limited when it comes time for your next project – find out how they could help make living rooms varied and interesting.

Go for Colors of bean bags that Complement Each Other.webp

In many ways, these colorful bean-filled chairs can be seen as an improvement on more traditional styles because of their variety and flexibility. You’re not limited on the availability of colors of bean bags anymore.

5. Place Them Where You Need Them

Place your bean bag in areas that are lacking something. For example, if you have a bookcase beside the television and want to fill up space there with something functional yet stylishly eye-catching too – place one of those big ol’ bags on top. 

In the end, you want to be able to use your beanbags for as many purposes and occasions as possible. Our goal should be to create a modern living room with bean bags.

Place bean bags Where You Need Them

So don’t keep them hidden in a corner only accessible when watching TV. Rather than having one area dedicated only to reading books or looking at pictures while seated on the sofa.

6. Set Up Bean Bags Close to Your Centerpieces

Centerpieces are the life of a living area which usually include a table, center stool, TV, or fireplace. To start the perfect living room ideas with bean bags, it’s recommended to arrange them in the direction of these objects. It’s common nowadays to sit in front of the tv in a comfy setting, sip on some yummy tea and talk.

Let’s talk a little bit about living room decor with bean bags. First of all, choose a coffee table with ample space, so people can face each other comfortably and pick up their drinks when they want them without difficulty.

 Set Up Bean Bags Close to Your Centerpieces

Try placing bean bag chairs (or just get creative by using pillows) around three out of four sides; give everyone enough room within arm’s reach but not too much extra walking distance from one another. 

7. The Correct Number of Bean Bags

In the past, bean bag chairs were seen as an option to provide visual variety. But today, there are so many beautiful designs that they can quickly become your main event.

Walking into a room with only these pillows feels like stepping back in time – it creates this sense of laidback space you don’t get from traditional seating options such as armchairs or coffee tables.

limited number of bean bags in a place

How you place your bean bag chair in the room is entirely up to how much space it takes. The more of them, naturally-the greater their effect on changing what’s going around.

8. The Right Kind of Fabric

When polyester was the only fabric choice for bean bags, the days are long gone. Now you have all options, perfect if your living space needs a particular personality or feel.

Faux fur is great because it’s so soft and comfortable against the skin; leather provides an Old World charm without being too heavy-duty. Silk has stretchy qualities that make sitting cushions more irregular—natural fibers like linens deliver pure aesthetics while providing good support.

right fabric of bean bag

In the world of decorating, there are many styles to choose from. The saying “think global – dress locally” really does apply because each style has its own set of personalities that it brings out in people and can be used effectively for various purposes.

9. Choose a Bean Bag That Fits Your Space

When styling your living room, don’t forget to include the bean bag chair. It would be better if you learn some ways to style a bean bag in your home. For instance, style it as you would any other side table with pillows and throws for added color. If there is one spot in this space that feels out of place against all others – make sure it’s covered by something small like a throw pillow.

Choose a Bean Bag That Fits Your Space

This is one of the best bean bag chair living room ideas for a small apartment because you will be able to design your room according to the available space without making it look jam-packed with loads of stuff placed here and there. It will also help you in creating an aesthetic appeal and getting rid of boredom from there.

Why Do You Need to Explore Bean Bag Living Room Ideas? 

Bean bags are a popular choice for furnishing informal spaces like nurseries and teen rooms, but they can also add a touch of fun to a more grown-up living room.

fur bean bag present in a living room

The ideas circulate, converting your living space into a special place that allows you and your loved ones to feel relaxed, calm, and pro-creative.

With all these tidbits, you need to incorporate bean bag ideas for the living room by looking at these suggestions. You might be surprised at how versatile this comfortable seat can be.

Why Bean Bags are Essential?

Bean bags are the most comfortable and coziest kind of furniture ever in history. They’re considered to be the trendiest items that you can place anywhere – even on your bed. This is one of the many reasons why homeowners love incorporating a bean bag in living room decor.

faux fur bean bag in a living room

The bean bag chair is an excellent choice for anyone who has been experiencing back pain or spinal cord pains. Not only will it help you correct your posture, but the beans themselves provide relief from these ailments by reducing inflammation in our bodies.

Lovesac and Ikea are quite famous when it comes to manufacturing bean bags that are not only comfortable for spines but also do wonders for dealing with back pain.

bean bag arm chair in a living room of a home

Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs in Living Room

There are many benefits to these amazing accessories which are:

Great Way to Live

Bean bags are a great way to live large in and small spaces. They’re easy to refill, durable, and very comfy. Furthermore, this chair comes with an amazing lifetime warranty that will protect you from any manufacturer defects or material wear over time, making it the perfect chair for families with young children.

bean bag in a living room

Adjustable Design

It is no secret that the beanbag chair has been around since time immemorial. The memory of these chairs is deeply engrained in our culture and history. These soft bags come with various materials such as leather which can be changed out whenever you want to depend on what type feels best.

leather bean bag chair in a living room

Great Source of Comfort

Many people complain about back pain, neck discomfort, and other spine-related problems. Working on a computer or studying for long hours can cause you to experience these types of ailments as well.

One great way that bean bags may help is by correcting your posture while also relieving some stress-related conditions like depression/anxiety.

bean bag in living space for relaxtaion

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Bean Bag Good for the Living Room?

Walking into a room where bean bags are the only seating is like stepping into another world. One that’s more calming and serene, with an excellent atmosphere for entertaining guests too.

Where Do You Put a Bean Bag in a Small Room?

Some people prefer to have a single bean bag in the corner of their room, but if you buy two or three and cluster them together for an area that’s just waiting to be styled with some extra pillows then it becomes much more than meets expectations.
Setting up rows/clusters creates this welcoming feeling while also making use of what was previously empty.

Is It Ok to Sleep in a Bean Bag?

Adults can safely sleep on a bean bag. Pregnant women and the elderly should not sleep in bean bags because they can potentially increase the risks of suffocation. Toddlers also need supervision when sleeping near them, which may be difficult with large furniture items like bean bags.


That was all about how you can place bean bags in the living room. So if you’re looking for a fun and comfortable way to decorate your living room, make sure to implement bean bag living room design ideas. With so many options available, you’re sure to find one that perfectly suits your home. And best of all, they’re affordable and easy to move around, perfect for small spaces.

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