Best Bean Bag Fabric Guide – Which One Should You Choose?

Best Bean Bag Fabric Guide – Which One Should You Choose?

Bean bags are the best friends of any homeowner. They are fluffy, comfy, soft, and the perfect place to relax after a long hectic day at work. Thanks to the top-notch bean bag fabric, one can enjoy their company for a long time. 

 But the problem lies here: chances are that you have no idea which material or fabric you should look for in a bean bag chair when buying one for your home. But. nothing to worry about, we got you. We will tell you which is the best fabric/material for bean bag out there. 

Thanks to this in-depth guide, you will be able to get your hands on the most comfortable yet reliable seating option available currently in the market. Stay tuned.

How to Pick the Right Bean Bag Fabric?

If you dont know how to choose the right fabric for a bean bag chair, we are here to help. Here are some of the most crucial factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a bean bag of a certain type of fabric or any other material for any use:

How to Pick the Right Bean Bag Fabric


The cost of the bean bag plays a vital role in your selection. Your budget defines the reliability and durability of the chosen bean bag. It is because bean bag of top-of-the-line quality and type is costly.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on a bean bag of average quality. It is just that you would require extra care and maintenance to keep them in good shape.

Many stores offer bean bags at every price range made up of different fabrics. You may choose one that falls under your defined budget.


The usage of the bean bag will also decide the bean bag cover material that you will need. If you want to use the bean bag chair for outside, you should pick a more durable bean bag cover that can bear the rough and tough activities and harsh weather conditions. 

Whereas for indoor use, go for a material that is made for that purpose. Brands of bean bags make a plethora of these furniture pieces for both indoor and outdoor use. So, there are options for people looking to use them anywhere.

Interior Design

The next thing that you should consider is interior home decor. Keep the decor settings in mind while selecting the bean bag fabric as its patterns and designs should match or create an aesthetically pleasing contrast with your interior home design.

Make a wrong selection on the bean bag lining material and it will look odd in your room.


Some fabrics are waterproof, some are not. If you have kids or a lot of parties at your home, it would be wise to choose a waterproof fabric. It is so that your new piece of furniture will be protected from water spills.

Top Fabric and Material for Bean Bags That You Should Look For

You should choose a bean bag that is made up of the following materials:


Corduroy is an extremely reliable fabric and is best for bean bag chairs. This bean bag fabric has been used for a long period and is made from flame-resistant and upholstery-grade material, fustian fabric.

Corduroy bean bag fabric

Overall, Corduroy offers great value for money as it is extremely comfy, soft, and durable. Whatsmore, you don’t have to put much effort to clean it. You will be glad to know that you can pull it in all directions and the material will still stay in its place.

Microsuede Fiber

Microsuede fiber is a fashionable and catchy fabric that provides the best value for your money. We bet you will be lucky if you can get your hands on a bean bag made up of this material.

Various popular bean bag brands such as Lovesac, Big Joe, and many others offer their chairs manufactured from this luxurious stuff. 

Microsuede fiber is one of the best fabrics to make bean bags out there. This material gives totally unique feel upon touching it.

As far as looks are concerned, microsuede fiber gives living rooms/bedrooms a velvety gloss that enhances their visual appeal instantly. On the negative side, you may find it a little bit hard to clean and maintain.


Next up, we have denim. It is a heavy cotton fabric that is durable and tough in nature. We recommend you should pick an option that is an assembly of memory foam covered in denim material. Don’t be fooled by its tough nature as it is immensely comfy as well.

In spite of this, denim bean bag chairs are an acquired taste of many homeowners based on their unique appearance.

Denim fabric for bean bag

This stylish fabric is famous in the modern generation and is trendy as any other denim jeans. Further, bean bag chairs of this item create a fine yet cool look in your living room.

Your teenage boy or girl will love this one for sure. You can also use it in direct sunlight as this material can easily bear it. This shows it is a classic outdoor bean bag material to try out.


Silk bean bags hold the catbird’s seat as it is a viable fabric used especially for covering these pieces of furniture.

They are out of the league of many people as It is a bit costly in comparison to other fabrics but they enable you to relax in style and amp up the interior decoration of your living room. Lounging on a silk bean bag will give you unparalleled comfort and peace of mind.


Next up on our list is polyester. It is a low-maintenance material that is long-lasting and durable. If you are a bargain hunter, this waterproof and partially weatherproof fabric is a delightful option. It means you can safely put them on your outdoor patio for a gathering.

Polyester bean bags look good and are easy on the body and hands. Plus, they let you use them inside and out due to their unrealistic toughness and strength.

Chenille Fabric

How can we forget the chenille fabric material for bean bag chairs? The ultimate in elegance, Tons of manufacturers use stylish upholstery grade and silky smooth woven fabric to craft chenille fabric bean bags.

Luxury Chenille bean bags are available in a variety of warm neutral colors. They would look great in any living room or bedroom.

Faux Suede

Extremely plush, adaptable, and oozing sophistication, these are the features that come to your mind when you talk of faux suede bean bags. Bean bags made up of faux suede look great in any part of the house.

They are a highly useful option because of the warm, hygienic fabric.

Furthermore, these seating options are excellent choices because they are made from an extraordinarily soft, upholstery-grade “suedette”.

Whether you are going for a subtle matte finish or a jolt of roughness, all it takes is a fast rub of the cloth to change its appearance. Faux suede bean bags offer the advantages of being low maintenance, and stain resistant.


Suede is an amazing substitute for leather and is an ideal choice for users of every age. 

This soft-to-the-touch fabric is a fine place to rest and relax, without being sticky like leather bean bags. Whatsmore, this material is very easy to clean and maintain.

Suede bean bags are the only seating options that will fit into any style and are attractive and quite unique compared to the others. On the negative side, suede bean bag chairs are not recommended for outdoor use because they are not waterproof.

Keep in mind that faux suede and simple suede bean bags are different from one another as the latter is somewhat less sophisticated than suede. Nevertheless, choose any setting to easily mingle them to create a lovely home design combo. 


Did someone say royalty and sophistication? Well, here we present you leather as a material for bean bag. This class-leading fabric has unmatched strength. This material is of top-notch quality and is easily available in every store out there.

A very high level of comfort and luxury is provided by leather bean bags as the material is generally made from Italian soft-grain hides.

Leather is tanned in a huge range of colors and sewn relatively easily with an industrial-grade sewing machine. This one will also cost you a fortune but it is worth every penny of yours.

Leather blends seamlessly with any theme, no matter how aesthetic or ostentatiously attractive your home decor might be. Any disadvantages? Yes, leather is prone to fading and creasing over time.

Faux Fur

Following our brief discussion of the best bean bag fabric materials, let’s not forget about the one that is immensely popular among homeowners- faux fur. Faux fur bean bags look luxurious and chic.

They are made up of fire-resistant, top-quality faux fur material. They provide a sensuous, calming, and comfy texture to your interior design.

Synthetic materials like cellulose and other synthetic materials can be used to create faux fur. Technology has advanced so far that some fake furs in the present times feel completely real.

It would be difficult for you to identify the difference in most cases. Options like long pile plain faux fur bean bags give you a livelier feel while adding a sublime touch of aesthetics to your home decor.


Cotton bean bags are the ideal all-rounders. This bean bag fabric is very warm and comfy, allowing you to relax peacefully while lounging on them. Cotton is a popular fabric for furniture such as ottomans and sofa lounges for the right reasons.

Homeowners having bean bag chairs in high-use areas can benefit a lot from their softness and robustness.

As a natural fiber, it breathes well and can be effortlessly integrated into existing furniture when required. Colors are available in cotton, but the fabric will be dyed. Instead of embedding itself in the fabric.


Moving on to the next one, we have for you, velvet. Velvet is a luxurious appearance and stylish material. To keep this so-nice-to-skin fabric in top condition, it requires extraordinary care and maintenance.

Bean bags made from velvet are exceptionally soft, giving them a premium look and opulent feel. Your home will look exceptional if you commit to taking care of its maintenance and upkeep. In any on-trend room, these bean bags will look awesome in a fashionista wine bar or a chic lounge.

Faux Leather

OK, let’s talk about a much more affordable substitute to the best-in-class fabrics discussed earlier, faux leather. In addition, faux leather is a synthetic alternative made of polyurethane, which is more affordable than real leather. Faux leather is without a doubt one of the best fabric for bean bags.

Due to its stain-proof and waterproof properties, this bean bag cover material doesn’t require high maintenance. The cost of this fabric material is also lower than that of genuine leather.

A regular person would have trouble distinguishing between the two unless they used it since it’s not as comfortable as its more expensive counterpart, real leather.

The Best Way to Care for Your Bean Bag Fabrics

The fabrics used in bean bags are designed to be durable. It is possible that you may spill something on some occasion on your new comfy purchase.

It is recommended that you spot clean them with a damp cloth; do not bleach them or machine wash them. Taking good care of your bean bag fabric is no different than taking care of any other piece of fabric furniture.

Safety and Fire Regulations for a Bean Bag

Whenever beans in a bean bag are exposed to the open environment, they can cause problems. It is dangerous to breathe in small beans, creating a choking hazard.

The best solution for these problems is to choose a durable fabric from a top-notch brand. Fire retardant fabrics are the safest way to fireproof your new piece of furniture. They work fine to keep the filling secure in it and won’t catch on fire.

You need to take care of the fabric depending on the material you choose for your new bean bag.

Waterproof Bean Bag Material and Fabric

Yes, waterproof fabric or bean bag chairs exist. You can opt for a variety of waterproof fabrics, but they aren’t necessarily comfortable as you assume. There are several requirements you must fulfill while choosing bean bag cloth material. 

Faux Leather

Many of the criteria you must meet in a bean bag chair are satisfied by faux leather. The biggest problem with it is that you might not feel as comfortable as you would expect it to be.

Faux Leather bean bag

But if preventing liquids from getting on your bean bag is your top preference, this is the fabric material you should pick from the lot.

Polyester Fabrics

Polyester bean bags are also waterproof. Various polyester materials can be a fine selection if you don’t like faux leather or it doesn’t go with your home decor.

You will have no trouble making the bean bag chair match your interior design because many polyester fabrics are available in a number of colors and patterns.

Outdoor Bean Bag Material and Fabric

You will have some limitations in fabrics for outdoor bean bags. Some of the best options to try are as follows:


You can select cotton bean bags because it is a sturdy material that can withstand various outside elements, with the possible exception of snow and rain. To prevent spills and stains, a waterproof coating is required for this slow-drying cloth. 


Though they might be too heavy for bean bag chairs and comfort, you can try using certain waterproof fabrics like marine material and so on for using outside of the house.


Next, you might consider using leather for outside areas. The material is adaptable to a range of temperatures, durable to last long, and can liven up your patio. However, considering how expensive it is, you might hesitate to use it outside.

Polyester and Nylon

Nylon and polyester are also ideal materials for bean bags for outside usage. These synthetic materials are designed to withstand any weight you throw at them.

They are sturdy and more resistant to outside conditions in comparison to other textiles. Polyester bean bag filling is also a very effective feature to look out for in the market.

Why You Should Go for Synthetic Fabric Bean Bag?

Synthetic cloth means that a bean bag manufacturer has created an outdoor furniture option that will withstand practically any weather condition and last for many years to come. Such synthetic materials have mildew, fade, mold, and stain resistance.

The best feature of synthetic fabric bean bags is that they won’t soak up moisture and become wet very easily. They are ideal for using outside of your home. The moisture-resistant feature prevents them from rotting or mildewing.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Material is Used for Bean Bags?

You can use different materials for bean bags such as leather, cotton, vinyl, faux fur, and more.

Which Material is Best for Beans?

The best material for beans is EPP or EPS beads. Anyone can easily find it from the nearby store or amazon online.

Which Bean Bag Filler Material is Best?

A DIYer can use old clothes, fillings of toys, rice, and plastic shopping bags as a bean bag filler material. The bean bag inner material should not create any issues when putting a bean bag filling in your chair.

What Should Bean Bags be Filled With?

Bean bags should be filled with the best beanbag fillings such as beads, EPS beads, clothes, styrofoam, and more.

Can I Fill a Bean Bag with Foam?

Yes, you can fill a bean bag with foam. Shredded foam-filled bean bags are a cozy replacement for conventional bean bag fillers and are rising in popularity.

Parting Words

The list of material for bean bags is never-ending. We have provided you with the best possible options to try out. You have the freedom to pick any method that fulfills your unique demands. Which one is your favorite? Have we missed out on anyone? Do let us know in the comments below.

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