What Can You Use to Fill a Bean Bag?

What Can You Use to Fill a Bean Bag?

Do you have a bean bag chair that needs a refill? There are many different materials that you can use to fill a bean bag chair, but which one is right for you?

If you won’t stuff your bean bag with the ideal filling or some good alternative bean bag fillers, you might end up ruining your piece of furniture.

But fret not, our experts have created this piece of writing to guide you regarding the best bean bag filling options that you can use to fill your bean bag chair with. Read on to find what options are currently available for you.

How Much Bean Bag Filling Do You Need?

Refilling your bean bag is a great way to keep it fresh and full of beans. If you’re adding more filling, then 15-20% will be enough for most people but keep plenty on hand.

For giant bags (those with 10 cubic feet), only one refill sack should do the trick; however, two or three may work too depending upon how big they are specifically.

To get the most out of your bean bag, make sure that it has enough filling. If not then purchase more refill sacks and carefully remove all old content before putting in new ones so as not to damage anything.

The Ideal Composition of Bean Bag Filling

Bean bags have been a popular piece of furniture since the 1970s and can be found in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Most bean-filled products on today’s market use expanded polystyrene (EPS) as their medium for durability reasons and more.

However, there is an increasing variety including microbeads or foam fillings which offer more cushioning than traditional beans do depend upon how you want your seat to feel.

The Best Type of Bean Bag Fillers

You can fill your chairs with numerous things but not all of them will do the job for you. That is why we have filtered out the ideal ones for you. Following are some of the top-of-the-line bean bag fillers that you can opt for:

EPP Beads

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is a thermoplastic polymer that is more popular in Asia than it is in the U.S. and Europe. Expanded Polypropylene or EPP for short is a highly versatile closed-cell foam that provides several outstanding properties.

Not only does it have great energy absorption capabilities but also multiple impact resistance and thermal insulation qualities. This material can be recycled 100% too with little environmental harm done in the process.

EPS Beads

The majority of bean bags today have a man-made material called expanded polystyrene (EPS) inside them. This is similar to the type found in Styrofoam, which can also be used for packaging and transportation purposes due to its rigid properties.

eps beads

EPS is the ultimate in-budget bean bag chair material. It’s lightweight and durable, making it perfect for most chairs at an affordable price point!

EPS has 98% air which means that these beads won’t get soggy or moldy like other fillers might over time. This is one of the multiple reasons why they are counted as one of the best bean bag fillings to go for.

Fillings that are Natural 

The beanbag’s namesake is no coincidence. Originally, they were packed with dried beans or different grains including corn and rice but lately, consumers have been seeking out more natural fillers like buckwheat hulls.

rice used as bean bag filling

These can be rather pleasant when enclosed within a thick liner because it feels comfortable on your skin, unlike other synthetic fibers. So yes, they are pretty much safe to use to stuff a bean bag chair.

Compressed Form

Memory foam is a type of material that can be used to make bean bags. Memory Foam Beans are very popular among customers, who enjoy how well they perform and think this will continue over time too.

The Rise of Microbeads

Micro-beads are tiny pellets made of polyethylene that range in size from ten micrometers (mm)to one millimeter. They’re not suitable for big bean bags or furniture because they can get stuck inside your pets.


The Right Way of Filling a Bean Bag

Refilling your bean bag is an easy process that only takes minutes. Just follow these steps to make sure no beans spill all over the place: 

  1. The first step is to open the bean bag and make a small but considerable hole in the filing bag and tip it to pour its contents into the bean bag.
  2. By pulling down gently on the outside of the current bag, you can create enough space inside for both new beans and the old ones to fit comfortably.
  3. Once the filing is about to reach the top, stop and remove the bag with the filing. Lastly, secure your bean bag by zipping it back up again and give it a good shake so that it becomes good as new.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Easiest Way to Refill a Bean Bag?

To refill with ease, fill the bean bag to around two-thirds of its capacity. It is easier to add more filling than take away, so make sure you fill it all in before zipping up. Place your newly filled inner lining into the cover for an even smoother experience during use.

What Beans Are Used in Microwave Bean Bags?

People have been using natural materials like rice, dried beans, and peas for years to make their own eco-friendly bean bag chairs.

You can also try corn kernels, beans, rice, or buckwheat seeds depending on what type of color you’re looking for. These options will not burn when heated so they’re safe to use in products like this.

What Are Love Sacs Filled With?

Love Sacs come in different sizes and shapes; some even look like beanbags but their interior isn’t just any old material. They’re lined entirely by recycled foam pieces called Durafoam which makes these babies super comfortable for all-day sitting.

How Much Bean Bag Filling Do I Need?

It depends on the type and size of bean bag you have. Some bean bag chairs require more filling in comparison to others. Obviously, XXL or large bean bags will need a lot of bean bag filler in opposite to small or ordinary-sized bean bag.


That was all about some of the best things to fill your bean bag chairs with. Bean bags can be filled with different materials, the most popular being polystyrene beads or beans. 

There are a variety of reasons to choose one filling over another and it ultimately depends on what you are looking for in your bean bag chair. Explore the different types of fillers available and decide which one is best for your needs.

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