Lovesac Bean Bag Sizes – The Ultimate Comparison of Dimensions

Lovesac Bean Bag Sizes – The Ultimate Comparison of Dimensions

Are you considering choosing a Lovesac bean bag as your next seating option but don’t know which size is perfect for you and your family? Surely it is a hard choice especially due to the number of sizes and shapes the company offers.

But choosing the right size is a crucial consideration so that the bean bag can fit perfectly in your home. This guide will help you in choosing the perfect size for a Lovesac bean bag. We will also talk about the available Lovesac sizes to meet your available space and lounging needs.

Lovesac – The Premium Bean Bag Brand

Lovesac is a well-known company in the bean bag market that manufactures high-end, cozy, and fashionable seating options. It is primarily known for its premium bean bags and has a high price tag due to multiple reasons. Due to its extensive range of bean bags in different shades, shapes, and sizes, the company has become a pioneer in the industry.

Lovesac has grown in popularity as a fine option for homes seeking a top-notch reclining experience, thanks to its focus on comfort, quality, and design. The brand’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has also helped it stand out in the market, as shown by the popularity and growth it has experienced throughout time.

Whether you’re searching for a comfortable place to relax in your living room or an entertaining sitting option for your kids’ playroom, Lovesac provides bean bag chairs to meet your needs.

Lovesac Bean Bag Size Comparison – Dimensions of All the Available Options

The Lovesac bean bags are for everyone, from a single person to a family and from kids to adults. However, their sacs are quite costly due to multiple reasons. The company offers five bean bags in its product line. These options are

  • GamerSac
  • CitySac
  • PillowSac
  • MovieSac
  • SuperSac
  • TheBigOne

Lovesac Bean Bag Dimension Comparison

The following table will give you an idea of the dimensions of these bean bags or sacs:

Lovesac Bean BagDimension (H x W)Weight (lbs)Ideal Number of Users
GamerSac2’8 x 2’6″ (32 x 30 inches)221
CitySac3’ 3’’ x 3’ (39 x 36 inches)351
PillowSac6’ x 4’6’’ (72 x 54 inches)362
MovieSac3’7’’ x 4’ (43 x 48 inches)452
SuperSac3’10’’ x 5’ (46 x 60 inches)753
TheBigOne4’1’’ x 6’ (49 x 72 inches)954

Lovesac GamerSac Dimensions

GamerSac is one of the best gaming chairs out there and is perfect for every type of gamer. Its dimension is 2’8 x 2’6″ or 32 x 30 inches and weighs 22 lbs. It is suitable for one person. This bean bag gaming chair has all the reasons to be chosen as a seating option over a traditional gaming chair.

If you have limited space, this is a great alternative to a traditional gaming chair. Additionally, it is designed with the purpose of gaming in mind, providing enough support for long gaming sessions without discomfort or strain.

Lovesac CitySac Dimensions

CitySac offers a beautiful and comfortable seating choice for areas with limited space, like dorm rooms or apartments. Its size is 3’ 3’’ x 3’ or 39 x 36 inches and weighs 35 lbs. It is best for one person.

The CitySac is an excellent choice for people with limited rooms because it is smaller in size than other LoveSac bean bags. 

Lovesac PillowSac Dimensions

The PillowSac differs slightly from the other Sacs in appearance. Its dimension is 6’ x 4’6’’ or 72 x 54 inches and weighs 36 lbs. It can accommodate two persons.

This sac is designed to serve as a large pillow-like seating alternative that is supportive and comfy. You can lay it flat to host overnight visitors or for lounging, compress it into a peapod shape.

Lovesac MovieSac Dimensions

MovieSac is designed to provide maximum comfort while watching movies, reading, relaxing, or just lounging around the house. Its size is 3’7’’ x 4’ or 43 x 48 inches and weighs 45 lbs. It is best for two persons. MovieSac is made to offer the utmost comfort while watching movies, reading, chilling, or simply lounging at home.

The LoveSac’s exclusive filling, Durafoam is used to fill the MovieSac which enables the bean bag to conform to the user’s body shape for a personalized fit. In addition to that, it is covered with a premium, durable, and soft fabric that comes in a variety of colors to complement any home decor.

Lovesac SuperSac Dimensions

SuperSac is the big bean bag that the brand offers. Lovesac Supersac size is 3’10’’ x 5’ or 46 x 60 inches and weighs 75 lbs. It is best for three individuals but can accommodate more. It’s quite big to stand out in your space without compromising the look of your room.

If you are looking for a spacious option, this one is for you. As it can accommodate a large number of people, it is an excellent choice for family get-togethers or movie evenings.

Lovesac TheBigOne Dimensions

The Big One is the biggest bean bag in size that Lovesac offers. Its size is 4’1’’ x 6’ or 49 x 72 inches and is ideal for four persons. It weighs around 95 lbs. This sac is renowned for its size and capacity to accommodate numerous people at once in comfort.

The BigOne is a fantastic piece of furniture for relaxing and reclining since it offers awesome support to the body. It is also an excellent option for homes with children and pets because of its tough and washable cover. You can also sleep on it. If you are looking to buy a bean bag that can fit all of your family, you should choose TheBigOne sac.

Lovesac Size Chart

Here is the Lovesac bean bag size chart for you that will help you choose the right size for your available space and also make it easy for you to set it up:

Credits: Lovesac

What Size Lovesac Should I Get? – Choose Right Measurements

You might don’t know about Lovesac measurements that will suit your requirements. Fret not, most homeowners don’t know it either.

The following two factors will help you in choosing the right size for a bean bag from Lovesac:

Available Space

It’s crucial to measure how much space you have in your place. A room can become unbalanced or crowded if you select a bean bag that is too big or small for the area. This can assist you in estimating the available space for a bean bag and help you avoid buying one that is either too big or too small. By measuring the area in advance, you can be confident that the bean bag you select will be the ideal size for the available space.

Choose a bean bag that fits your needs based on how much space you require to feel comfortable. Lovesac bean bags are made to be incredibly comfortable, so make sure you have space to spread out and lounge. Smaller bean bag sizes are adequate for children’s playrooms, while larger bean bag sizes are preferable for the living room.

Number of Persons

The number of users should be taken into account while selecting a size for the Lovesac bean bag. Lovesac provides GamerSac and CitySac with single sitting. Smaller sizes are ideal for one person to lounge in.

PillowSac, MovieSac, SuperSac, and TheBigOne are larger bean bag options from Lovesac that can accommodate families or groups of people. These large designs are ideal for game days or movie nights with the family.

Purpose of Using Sac

Do you want to do gaming? Are you looking to read a book on it? Do you want to watch a movie with your family or friends? The purpose of using a bean bag should also be kept in mind when choosing the Lovesac bean bag size.


The weight of the bean bag is also an important consideration when choosing the size. It is because you might want to move the bean bags from place to place. Lightweight sacs are easy to move while heavy sacs are difficult to transport from one place to another.

Lovesac Bean Bag Shapes Options

Following are some of the bean bag shapes that Lovesac offers:

Classic Round Shapes

For those looking for a conventional, comfortable seating choice, Lovesac provides typical round bean bag designs. These sacs are perfect for one seating. They provide a cozy environment for relaxing. In any environment, they provide a comfy and welcoming feeling to the user.

Innovative Designs

Lovesac offers a variety of out-of-the-box and multipurpose shapes for people looking for a more creative seating solution. There is a Lovesac shape to match any reclining need, from bean bags that can be converted into chairs to designs that allow enough space for numerous users.

Customizable Options

Lovesac provides customization possibilities in addition to the traditional round shapes and unique designs to make your bean bag really one-of-a-kind. You can combine different fabrics and covers to build a bean bag that exactly suits your demands for both style and comfort, whether you select a traditional round form or an innovative design.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Sizes of Love Sac?

Lovesac offers the following bean bags in different sizes:
GamerSac: 2’8 x 2’6″ (32 x 30 inches)
CitySac: 3’ 3’’ x 3’ (39 x 36 inches)
PillowSac: 6’ x 4’6’’ (72 x 54 inches)
MovieSac: 3’7’’ x 4’ (43 x 48 inches)
SuperSac: 3’10’’ x 5’ (46 x 60 inches)
TheBigOne: 4’1’’ x 6’ (49 x 72 inches)

How Do I Know My Bean Bag Size?

The size of your bean bag can vary from as small as 32 x 30 inches to as big as 49 x 72 inches.

What are the Dimensions of the Big One Love Sac?

The dimensions of the Big One LoveSac are 4’1’’ x 6’ or 49 x 72 inches.

What Size is a LoveSac Supersac?

The size of the LoveSac SuperSac is 3’10’’ x 5’ or 46 x 60 inches.


So, that concludes our guide on the sizes of Lovesac bean bags. They are available in six different sizes, making them worth your money. Choosing the right size is not that hard if you think about the important factors. There is an option for every use. Select the size that perfectly matches your demands and is suitable for your living space.

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