How Much Bean Bag Filling Do I Need? Calculate Filler

How Much Bean Bag Filling Do I Need? Calculate Filler

One of the most adaptable and comfy pieces of furniture on the market is bean bags. They can be used in many different places, including as indoor and outdoor places of homes along with offices and beaches. But with their overtime usage, the bean bags can become flat and you need to change their filler.

Here comes the problem; homeowners commonly don’t know how much bean bag filler do they need for filling. In this guide, we will give you the details of the required amount of filler for bean bags of any size.

Bean Bag Filling Calculator for Required Amount – Calculate Needed Bags of Beans

To calculate the required amount of bean bag filling to fill up a bean bag, you have to use a defined formula. We will give you an idea about the method to use it.

Follow these easy steps to calculate how much bean bag filler is needed:

  1. Measure the height, width, and depth of your bean bag to get an idea of its size.
  2. By multiplying the dimensions of the bean bag, you need to determine its volume.
  3. Calculate how much filler is needed by dividing the bean bag’s volume by 50000.

For example, if your bean bag is 36 inches in height, 48 inches in width, and 24 inches in depth, its volume will be,

36 x 48 x 24 = 41,472 cubic inches

Dividing the volume by 50000 gives you the amount of filler required:

41,472 /50000=  0.83 bags of 1 kg filler

Therefore, you would need approximately 0.83 bags of 1 kg filler to fill your bean bag with these dimensions.

How Much Bean Bag Filler Do I Need?

Here you can see how much filling need for your bean bag.

Bean Bag TypeRequired Fillings
For kidsApproximately 800 grams filler bag
For XL 1 to 2 kg filler bags
For XXL size Approximately 3 kg to 4 kg filler bags
For XXXL sizeApproximately 5 kg to 6 kg filler bags
For jumbo sizeApproximately 6 kg to 7 kg filler bags
Footstool bean bag (round/square shape)0.5 bags of 1 kg filler bags
XXXL bean bag lounger3.5 bags of 1 kg filler bags

How Much Bean Bag Filler Do I Need? (Required Filling Size-Wise in Feet)

Here is the approximate amount of required bean bag refill for bean bags size in feet:

For 5 ft Bean Bag

For a 5ft bean bag, you will need 7 kgs of polystyrene foam filling.

For 6 ft Bean Bag

For a 6 ft bean bag, you will need 34 kgs of shredded foam filling.

For 7 ft Bean Bag

For a 7ft bean bag,

  • if it is EPP foam you will need 35 to 45 kg
  • if it is sponge filling, you will need 60 to 80 kg
  • if it is foam filler, you need four 14 kg bags
  • If it is polystyrene foam filling, you need 18 kg 
  • If it is shredded memory foam, you need at least 10 to 12 bags of 2.2 kgs.

For 8 ft Bean Bag

If it is a bean bag lounger 500 liters (17.5 cubic feet) to 700 liters (24.5 cubic feet) of polystyrene pellets. And if it is an 8ft round beanbag chair, 800 liters (28 cubic feet) to 1000 liters (35 cubic feet).

How Much Bean Bag Refill Do I Need (Shape-Wise)?

The shapes and sizes of bean bags vary greatly. You must know the shape of your bean bag before you can determine how much filling you’ll need.

You need to know the diameter of a typically shaped round bean bag in order to determine its volume. The base’s diameter is measured from one side to the other across the base.

Bean Bag TypeApprox. DiameterApprox. Required Filler
For Toddlers60 cm100 liters
For small child80 cm200 liters
For a teenager or small adult96 cm300 liters
For an adult (standard size)104 cm400 liters
For taller adults (large size) 112 cm500 liters
Huge round bean bag120 cm600 liters
XL Lounger300 liters
XXL Lounger600 liters
Small Pillow100-200 liters
Large Pillow300-400 liters

Now, we will discuss the required refill for a bean bag depending on their shape:

Bean Bag Chairs

You will need approximately four bags or 300 to 400 liters of filling to fill a bean bag with a standard chair shape.

To fill a large bean bag chair, you need approximately 4 to 5 refill bags or 450 to 500 liters of refiller.

To keep the bean bag comfy, airy, fluffy, and bouncy, you should keep the bean bag slightly empty. 

Bean Bags for Adults

A bean bag for adults commonly has an approximate volume of 400 liters. Therefore, you’ll need about 100 liters of filling or 4 filler bags to fill it. But to keep it a bit empty to achieve comfiness, fill it with 2-3 bags only.

Toddler Bean Bags

Toddler bean bags have a volume is around 100 liters and a diameter of approximately 60 cm. Each 1 kg EPS filling bag is equal to 50 to 60 liters of filler. So, to fill a toddler bean bag, you will need two 1 kg EPS filling bags. To fill the bean bag to make it fluff, fill it with 1 to 1.5 bags of filler.

toddler bean bags

Huge Round Bean Bags

Huge round-shaped bean bags of XXL size typically have an approximate diameter of 120 cm. The volume of this bean bag is around 600 liters. Each typical bag has around 50 liters of filler. So, the required number of refilling bags is

The required number of refill bags = 600 liters/100 liters = 6 refill bags

So, you will require 12 filler bags for a bean bag of diameter 120 cm. You will need around 8-10 bags to fill the bean bag at a decent comfy level. 12 refill bags will make the bean bag tight. It is not recommended to fill a bean bag up to its maximum capacity because it will not be comfy. Plus, it puts a lot of pressure on the cover and the zippers, which is not safe for bean bags.

Bean Bag Loungers

A typical lounger is XL-size and is 60 cm wide and 120cm long. Its headrest is 60 cm high and the seat is approximately 30 cm. To fill such a bean bag lounger, you need three bags (100 liters each) or 300 liters of filling.

An XXL size or double bean bag lounger has approximately a 30 cm high seat and a 60 cm headrest and is approximately 120 cm wide and 120 cm long. For such a lounger, you require six bags or 600 liters.

Bean Bag Pillows

In general, a small pillow-shaped bean bag has dimensions equal to 135 cm x 105 cm. To fill this beanbag you will need 200 liters of filler or two 100 liters bags.

Commonly, a large pillow-shaped bean bag has dimensions equal to 180 cm x 135 cm. To fill the bean bag of such a size, you need four bags or 350-400 liters of filler.

Best Cheap Bean Bag Fillers

The best cheap bean bag fillers that you can use to fill a bean bag in a pocket-friendly way are as follows:

  1. EPS Beads
  2. Old clothes
  3. EPP Beads
  4. Pillow stuffing
  5. Compressed Foam
  6. Cotton
  7. Micro Beads
  8. Packing peanuts
  9. Memory Foam
  10. Shredded paper
  11. PVC beans
  12. Shopping bags
  13. Styrofoam balls
  14. Rice
  15. Organic material
  16. Beans
  17. Eco-beans
  18. Old soft or plush toys
cheap bean bag fillers

There can be more options but these are the most useful ones and the best ones to make a bean bag comfortable. You may use these options to save money when filling a bean bag.

Different Types of Fillers

For your information, it is possible to stuff your comfy seating spot beside beans filling.

Before we go further into the amount of filler needed, it is crucial to understand the various types of fillers on the market. The following are the most typical fillers:

EPS Beads

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads are perhaps the most popular type of bean bag filling available. These hard, lightweight beads have a styrofoam-like appearance and structure. These are the beans that are used to fill Big Joe bean bag chair and other popular bean bag brands.

EPS beads are more durable than conventional fills because they can bear both heat and moisture. Additionally, this fill can be recyclable. When it comes time to replace the beads, pick virgin beads rather than recycled ones because they last longer.

EPP Beads

Expanded PolyproPylene, or EPP, beads are extremely rigid and made up of thermoplastic polymer. They don’t have a severe off-gassing like other fillings and will outlast the majority of other types of beads.

The biggest drawback of using this filler is how quickly it deteriorates when exposed to oxygen. However, it is lightweight, recyclable, and impact-resistant.

Polystyrene Beads

These are the most typical and popular types of bean bag fillers. They are strong, lightweight, and offer wonderful support.

Shredded Foam

This filler offers a softer and more comfortable seating experience than polystyrene beads.

Natural Fillers

Grains, or even feathers are used as filling in some bean bags. Although they are less harmful to the environment than polystyrene beads or shredded foam, these fillers could not offer as much support as other fillings.

Polystyrene Pellets

This is another type of available filler out there. The only difference between polystyrene pellets and the aforementioned beads is their size and cylinder-like shape. They are among the market’s most comfortable options and are renowned for their capacity to absorb heat.

Factors Affecting the Amount of Bean Bag Filler Needed

The amount of filler required for a bean bag from any brand like the one from Yogibo or Lovesac, etc. depends on several factors including the following:

The Size of the Bean Bag

The size of the bean bag will decide the required amount of filling. The larger the bean bag, the more filler it will require.

The Shape of the Bean Bag

The shape of the bean bag can affect the amount of filler needed. Bean bags come in different shapes such as round, oval, and rectangular. So, you will need to fill the bean bag according to its shape.

different shape of a bean bag

The Density of the Filler

The next factor is the filler’s density. The density of the filler affects the amount of space it occupies. A denser filler will require less space than a lighter filler.

The Required Level of Comfort

The desired level of firmness for the bean bag will decide the needed amount of filler. Bean bags with higher comfiness levels require more filler than those with lower comfort levels.

The Type of Filler

The selected type of filler affects the required amount of filler. Different types of fillers have different densities, which can affect the amount of filler needed.

The User’s Weight

The weight of the user is another important factor that affects the required amount of bean bag filler. Heavier users require more filler than lighter users to maintain the desired level of comfort.

Tips for Filling Your Bean Bag

It’s beneficial to have the following tips in mind when filling your bean bag:

  • Start with a little filler and increase it gradually until you reach the desired level of comfiness.
  • To avoid lumps and bumps, make sure the filler is distributed equally throughout the bean bag.
  • Avoid stuffing your bean bag too full because doing so could result in bursting seams or broken zippers.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Bean Bag Filler Do I Need?

The amount of bean bag filler depends on the following:
Bean bag’s shape
Filler density
Bean bag’s volume
Bean bag’s size

How Do You Calculate Bean Bag Filling?

To calculate bean bag filling use the following formula,
(Length x width x height) / 50000

How Many Kgs is a 100 Litre Bean Bag Refill?

100 liters of bean bag filling weighs about 1 kg.

Easy Way to Calculate Required Amount of Bean Bag Filler

The quantity of filler needed for a bean bag is determined by a number of factors, such as the size, shape, and density of the filler. Depending on how bouncy or soft you wish the bean bag to be, the quantity of filler bags will vary.

You can determine the exact amount of filler needed to create the ideal bean bag by using the above-mentioned methods and calculations. To ensure maximum comfort and lifespan, remember to fill your bean bag slowly.

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