17 Best Bean Bag Alternatives in 2024 [Unique Ideas]

17 Best Bean Bag Alternatives in 2024 [Unique Ideas]

Bean bags are one of the most comfortable seating options out there. You can sit on them, use them for lounging, play games on them, read books on them, and even sleep on them.

But not everyone is a fan of these seating options or might not be able to afford one due to their high price tags in general. In such cases, they tend to look for other available alternatives for bean bags.

Here we present you with awesome bean bag alternatives that work just like or at least similar to a bean bag chair. These options are equally stylish, comfortable, and functional to a conventional bean bag.

17 Stylish and Comfy Bean Bag Chair Alternative Ideas

Here is a comprehensive list of decent alternatives to bean bag chairs that you can try out

  1. Floor cushions
  2. Oversized pillows
  3. Lounge chairs
  4. Floor pillows
  5. Poufs
  6. Floor chairs
  7. Inflat sofas
  8. Seat cushions
  9. Inflatable couch
  10. Hanging chairs
  11. Comfy bench
  12. Daybed as a seat
  13. Coffee table ottoman
  14. Chaise lounge chair
  15. Loveseat
  16. Window seat
  17. Armchair

Let’s talk about each one of them in detail and learn how they can replace your bean bag chair:

1. Floor Cushion

The first alternative to a class bean bag we have for you is a floor cushion. These cozy cushions will let you create the chill-out space of your dreams. These cushions offer additional practical sitting in the home. They are ideal for adorning your terrace, bedroom, conservatory, or living room.

yellow color floor cushionas an alternative to bean bag

The cushions come in square and rectangular forms covered in different varieties of fabric. In the absence of a bean bag, a floor cushion is a perfect seating option for any modern home no matter what interior scheme is used.

2. Oversized Pillow

Next up, we have oversized pillows. There are a few reasons why large pillows can be an excellent substitute for conventional bean bags.

oversized pillow as bean bag alternative

First of all, they provide a comparable level of comfort and relaxation because they can be molded to fit your body and offer support where you need it. Second, they are typically less expensive than high-quality bean bags which have a high price tag.

3. Lounge Chair

Whether you’re using yours to read a book, watch a movie on your mobile, or take a nap, a lounge chair is a must-have part of a living room. Modern sitting options like lounge chairs can offer both comfort and charm.

lounge chair as bean bag subsitute

They give more comfortable options in place of a traditional accent chair, offering a more cozy feeling. These chairs are made of a variety of materials, including leather, fabric, and wood. In comparison to a bean bag, lounge chairs can provide a more sophisticated look to any living area or bedroom.

4. Floor Pillow

No more squeezing on the couch as we present you the floor pillow, a fantastic substitute for bean bags. You can never have too much seating with a giant floor chair pillow for your family.

floor pillow as bean bag dupe

The ideal approach to add more seating alternatives to your home is with floor pillows that are comfy, inexpensive, and complement your decor.

5. Pouf

The next alternative to a bean bag we have for you is Pouf. A pouf is the ideal accent piece for homeowners who want to change up their seating options or have a small living space. Poufs are compact, multipurpose seating options with numerous uses.

They are soft and comfortable, like bean bags, but they are also more sturdy and can offer okayish support. Choose a pouf that matches your style and demands from the wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials available in the market.

pouf as bean bag alternative

Our preferred option is the SimpliHome Brody Pouf, a genuinely sophisticated or sleek soft cube that can be used as a side table or additional seat.

6. Floor Chair

A floor chair is another option if you don’t have a bean bag and want to experience a similar feeling. Floor chairs are a sort of seating furniture that is designed to be used on the floor instead of being placed on a raised surface like a regular sofa or chair. As they offer comfort and support comparable to bean bag chairs, they are frequently used as bean bags alternative.

floor chair as bean bag chair subsitute

There are many different types of floor chairs, including those with armrests, and backrests, and are readily available in the market. Foam, fabric, and leather are just a few of the materials that are used to make these chairs.

7. Inflatable Sofa

Bean bags can be replaced with inflatable sofas. They are lightweight, transportable, and simple to store when not in use. Also, these sofas are very comfortable because they offer more structure and support than bean bags.

Whether you frequently invite friends over for drinks or are camping with a group of people, a large inflatable air sofa is an excellent piece of furniture for social occasions. They are doubly fantastic for just chilling out.

inflatable sofa as bean bag chair dupe

The fact that inflatable sofas are often far less expensive than traditional bean bag chairs is one of their best advantages. This makes them a fine option for young adults just starting out, college students, or anyone on a tight budget.

8. Seat Cushion

Use seat cushions if you don’t have bean bags and your back will thank you for years to come. These alternatives to bean bags help relieve pains and aches that have been developed for months or even years of leaning and slouching. They are compact, lightweight, and provide comfortable support for your back and bottom.

seat cushion

Our recommended option is the Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion. This seat cushion comes with an ergonomic, U-shaped design and is made up of pure, 100% memory foam (with zero additives), which helps to reduce lower back and tailbone pain.

9. Inflatable Couch

Then comes the inflatable couch. It can be an excellent alternative to a bean bag chair. It provides a decent structured seating option that is convenient and comfy at the same time.

inflatable couch

With an amazingly stylish and cozy inflatable couch, you can experience all the comforts of home while you are on the go. It is an ideal companion for camping, trips to the beach, or other outdoor activities because the couch is simple to inflate and even easier to store or pack up.

10. Hanging Chair

There are few things nicer than a hanging chair for carefree sitting. A hanging chair can be a great substitute for a bean bag chair because it also offers a distinctive and comfortable seating choice and can add some style to any space.

hanging chair

Hanging chairs typically consist of a stand or a seat suspended from the ceiling with materials such as ropes or chains. They offer a cozy and supportive seat that is a great choice for lounging, reading, or simply taking in the scenery.

11. Comfy Bench

Looking for the perfect spot to sink into ultimate comfort? Say hello to the comfy bench, your new go-to alternative to traditional bean bags! This delightful seating solution combines the cozy embrace of a bean bag with the sturdy support of a bench, creating a unique and irresistible lounging experience.

comfy bench sofa for replacing bean bags

Crafted with premium materials, the Bench supports your body, providing exceptional relaxation for hours on end. Whether you’re reading, watching movies, or simply relaxing after a long day, this trendy and versatile piece will become your personal oasis of serenity.

12. Daybed as a Seat

Use your daybed as a seat in place of a bean bag. The addition of a daybed to a small apartment is a great way to provide a seating space for your guests.

daybed as a seat to use instead of bean bag

Furthermore, you can also use it as a sleeping solution for your friends when they come over.  While the initial cost of the daybed is a bit of an investment, the comfort you will get from it is worth it.

13. Coffee Table Ottoman

In the living room, ottomans are unquestionably worth their weight in gold. No matter how big your living room is, they’re one of the best pieces of furniture you can get for the money.

coffee table ottoman

It is also a versatile furniture option used as a bean bag substitute. When not in use as a seat, it can double as a charming coffee table ottoman where you may showcase your creative coffee table decor.

14. Chaise Lounge Chair

Boost the elegance of your living room with the unique addition of a chaise longue chair. This luxurious piece of furniture displays luxury, instantly transforming your lounge into a haven of sophistication. Use it by yourself or accommodate a guest as they recline in utter comfort, stretching out fully to experience flawless relaxation and feel its expensive vibe.

chaise lounge chair

With the ability to recline a full 180 degrees, this graceful chair invites you to chill out and embrace a world of leisure. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury with a chaise longue chair, and let your living space radiate with an aura of grandeur and refinement.

15. Love Seat

Hunting for a cozy seating option that combines style and comfiness? Look no further than the loveseat, your perfect bean bag alternative! This charming piece of furniture offers all the snuggle-worthy goodness of a bean bag while adding a touch of sophistication to your space.


With its plush cushions and generous seating area, the loveseat provides a cozy nook for you to relax, calm down, and enjoy your favorite activities. Whether you’re reading a book, watching a movie, or simply cuddling up with a loved one, the loveseat guarantees a blissful experience. Embrace the charm and comfort of a loveseat and transform your living space into a cozy sanctuary.

16. Window Seat

Get ready to snuggle up and enjoy the serenity! A comfy spot to relax by the window, the window seat is a fantastic alternative to a bean bag chair. This cozy seating option offers a delightful place for occupants to relax while enjoying the view outside.

With its cushioned surface and snug design, the window seat provides a perfect nook for you to curl up with a book, sip a cup of tea, or simply daydream. It’s like having your own little sanctuary right next to the window. So, if you’re longing for a comfortable and charming seating option, the window seat is your go-to choice.

17. Armchair

You also have the option to switch your bean bag for an elegant-looking armchair. Even if you have room for a bean bag, a stunning, neutral armchair can occasionally add so much more interest to a boring-looking lounge.


The sturdy design and stylish appearance of an armchair make it a versatile addition to any room. Once you try it out, you might even say good bye to a bean bag if you had one previously.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Use Instead of Bean Bags?

You can use the following seating options instead of bean bags:
Floor cushions
Oversized pillows
Lounge chairs
Floor pillows
Floor chairs
Inflat sofas
Seat cushions
Inflatable couch
Hanging chairs

Is it Cheaper to Make a Bean Bag?

Yes, it is cheaper to make a bean bag. A ready-made bean bag can cost you a lot. Making one on your own will save you money. But you will have to compromise on the quality and durability of your DIY bean bag.

Is there an Alternative to Lovesac?

Alternatives to Lovesac are:
Big Joe
Comfy Sack
Pottery Barn
Chill Sack
Ultimate Sack
Moon Pod

What is an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Polystyrene Beads?

The natural alternative to bean bag fillings such as polystyrene beads is dried beans. Yellow split peas, black-eyed peas, green split peas, flageolet, lupini beans, mung beans, navy beans, soybeans, and lentils are the bean and legume varieties that are most similar in size to polystyrene beads.

Awesome Alternatives for Bean Bag Chairs

So, that is it for bean bag alternatives. We discussed a range of options for comfortable and stylish seating in any space. From oversized pillows to Inflatable couches, there are plenty of alternatives to traditional bean bags that offer improved ergonomics, durability, and style.

From the list of these alternatives, there’s an option that will fit your personal style and needs. So, explore some of these creative options and find the perfect option to replace the bean bag for your space.

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